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PuritySourceLabs NEW PRODUCTS that just changed the game! NEW orals, ACNE skin & hair treatment and more.. Take a look! (UPDATED 2023)


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NEW PRODUCTS that just changed the game! NEW orals, ACNE skin & hair treatment and more.. Take a look! (UPDATED 2023)

Team EP has been listening to their customers for years and many have patiently been awaiting on these new arrivals..

These products that not only has me excited but thousands of customers world wide have wondered if the day would ever come that the network would produce & release these highly sought-out compounds and have them readily available all at a 1-stop-n-shop approved vendor like PSL (

Well, here they are! :)

You can just sit here and marvel at the sight of these, or put them in your cart NOW before they go quickly.
This is a game changer!

The integrity of the boxes and blister packs is a fine display that EP truly cares apart from what's on the inside.
The holograms and added security features not only displays confidence, it also sets the benchmark placing EP in a classification of their own, once again establishing a strong foothold in the market with product quality and presentation differentiation well above other generic competitors that fail to match that of Euro-Pharmacies.

Euro-Pharmacies has once again stepped up proving how competent they are with their extraordinary work in the research and development department within the network,
with an ever so accomplished team of high-preforming compounding experts.

Outstanding job with seeing and listening to what clients want, this is why EP stands out by really understanding what they do best and exploiting it. Delivering more options that adds greater value over other competitors.

Not only did EP do it again, its approved vendor known as an absolute powerhouse in the market has joined the journey with also making noise, by "permanently" lowering the prices on many high valued and most popular compounds that are in the highest demand by customers, clients and users from around the world at just about every level, entry or seasoned, hobbyist or competitors, everyone at just about every level can now capitalize on the benefits of having the best products in the market at a competitive and affordable price, all at one shop. ;)

EP and PSL presents to you -

1) Isotretinoinum - AKA the trade mark name - Accutane, a potent acne treating drug that has been know to be a cure or miracle for some users with targeting & ridding acne, for some users reporting cases of never having flare-ups or outbreaks again.

2) Raloxifene - This agent has been known to some users as the 2.0 of Tamoxifen, or a superior alterative to many users.

3) Finasteride - This drug is used to treat men with benign prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern hair loss, for men that have difficulty urinating - decreased flow of urination and/or hesitation at the beginning of urination or pattern hair loss this drug can assist (it's claimed to be very underrated at low dosages).

those are legit pharmaceutical grade orals

thank you Vision for giving such quality to the community
thank you Vision for sharing these
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