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N2BM New customer reword and friend referal points and other new systems starting now


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With our new store system we are now able to give customers reword points for every order they make. We are also able to give customers the ability to refer a friend to our store and for the life of that customer every time they place a order you get reword points for all there orders too.. Please read the following to learn more about these two new systems and many more awesome changes to our NTBM store and forums

Reword points+refer a friend points
Here is how the system works

1. You earn 10% of your order in points.

2. If you refer a friend and they click the email that you send them
then they become your customer for life. When they make orders they earn 10% of of their orders in points. You also earn 5% of their orders in points for your self

3. Every 5 points is worth 2.00

4. You can spend these points during the order process at the NTBM store.
Again every 5 points is worth 2.00 and you must have a minimum of 10 points before you can spend your points.

5. Go to and sign up for a account at our store if you do not already have one. If you do just go log in now.
Once you are logged in scroll to the bottom of the store page from anywhere in the store and click the "my account" button". This will take you to your account. From here you can see your order history as you always have, your account info and all the same information as always. Only now near the bottom you under the header "my account" in the bottom blue box you will now see

Change My Password
Refer Friends <------ An awesome new option to refer your friends and other people.

Reward Points: 0 (History) <---- a super cool points calculator that will show you how many points you currently have and if you click "history". It will give you a summery of all points you have earned , what you have earned them for, if and when you have spent points, and even what you spent them on too. If you are getting points for friends orders it will let also let you know what your friends have been buying to earn you points.

6. if you buy your order with a gift code it earns you 0 points
and same if your friends buy orders with gift codes.
7. You will not earn any points until the order has been moved from approved/pending to the "Shipped" status. This prevents people trying to rack up points using the money order option. Or signing up with a different account through self referral and trying to trick the system.

9. In the back office the program has a IP tracker and a cool program that remembers addresses shipped to, email accounts, names and a bunch of information . This information is used in what is called the "points fraud detection system" or PFD-System and it uses different sources of information gathering to catch people who "might" be trying to defraud the system some how.

10. I want to show all of you that I would like to build a trusting and long term relationship with all of you. I want you all to be reworded for your customer loyalty and this is the reason for my new reword points system.
The longer you are a N2BM customer , The more you show your support of the company and all we do the more I will try to show you my appreciation and reword you in every way I can. The reword points and refer a friend systems are just one of the ways I am now using to show you I care.

Change Round up.
1. NTBM will now be partiting in the "Change Round-Up" program.
This is a program that allows you to round your order up by ether the nearest 1,5,or 10 dollars and automatically donate the amount rounded
up to one of 3 charities we will be focused on supporting.

NTBM will be supporting the following 3 charities which you can choose from ( they only allow us to pick 3)

Support Our Troops
Bolsters deplo troops (our neighbors) and their families, including care packages, morale and assistance, and special events. A nationwide nonpartisan patriotic civilian-led organization.

As a former US Army Air Born Soldier My self I served my time in the sand pit and this charity is close to my heart. I still have many friends who are abroad fighting for our freedom and I feel for all of them and the families they leave behind. If anyone knows how hard it is on a Military wife it is my wife. I know she feels the same as I do about this Charity.

Living Free
Founded in 1980, Living Free is a non profit, no kill animal sanctuary that saves, and finds qualified homes for orphaned Cats and Dogs facing shelter euthanasia.

I know some may not really think much about animals but for me and my wife we have 4 dogs and 2 cats of our own. Every one of them is an extension of our family and ya the dogs sleep in my bed. I love my big Wendy Log In | Facebook and my little Cpt hook too
Log In | Facebook
my wife would brake down without here Tinkerbell Log In | Facebook <--(red hair Min pin show dog). And my daughter would not stop asking until she got her weeny dog Log In | Facebook
Tell me you dont have even the slightest bit of compation for these little critters?
Maybe you're a cat person?
We got them to and all part of the family. Ya our house is active that is for sure. I cant stand to see animals suffer anymore then I could you or anyone else. If you have ever and a little friend like the ones I have I know you feel the same way I do.

Christian Charities USA
Support America's best faith-based and church-sponsored charities, bringing food, clothing, shelter, medicine, education, and Christian compassion to people in need - efficiently and effectively.

I like this last one for its overall compassion for others in need. The spreading of good will, help, support of all kinds, and setting and example to the world that being a good person and caring for others is what life is really about. IMO if I have even just a little more then I truly need then it is my duty to share with others who are in need. I would like to inspire others to be the same way and if together we all strive to give just a little to all of thous around us especially the people who need it most. Maybe we can all make the world a better place. Maybe the bad things we we have now become numb to and excepted as ok will change.

I know we could have chosen hundreds of other charities to give to and trust me it was not easy for me to pick just 3 out of them all. I sat for hours reading all of them and narrowing them all down. This might not be
such a big deal to others but if you have not noticed this huge to me and this is one more thing in my life that I get to be proud of being a part of.

The charities that the N2BM family and I have chosen hold a special place in our hearts and I hope at least some of you feel the same. I hope that you all take the opportunity to give a few nickles and dimes to what I feel are some great causes. Help make the world a better place with me.

The above programs are just a tip of all that is to come with my friends. We are now investing a lot more time, Money, and resources into the development of our websites , store, and forums so your N2MB experience will continue to get better and better over time. Thank you for all the support and I wish you all well today..