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Approved Log My TRT blast planning log

nice work out you kept it simple and it's very effective
you won't go wrong with natural herbals to help sleep
Alright so slept really good last night! Today was chest day. One major note, I did the bench press and I just can’t seem to get the chest activation I want without a wider grip. The wider grip I feel puts a lot of strain on my shoulder so I think moving forward I am just going accept that bench pressing isn’t for me. Will replace barbell bench with dumbbell bench instead. Truthfully, dumbbell bench probably aligns with my body goals more anyway.

Barbell bench: 135x8 145x8 155x8
Incline hammer chest press: 70x12 80x10 90x8 95x6
Machine fly: 4 sets of 12 135 pounds
Dumbbell incline fly: 4 sets of 12 30 pounds

Tricep pump work and 30 minutes of cardio at the end. Diet is still in check! I also wanted to say that my libido is ridiculous. Like I am 21 years old again and it’s very distracting.
I love when my libido is like that
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