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My domestic supply (mostly positive) experience

Domestic supply is the most trusted if you ask me. The experiences and reviews always postive because Greg is the BEST!
I have many clients using domestic supply for contests and many Loggers use d-s, fully trusted and proven source for 20 years now.
I ordered from domestic supply 2 things
Equipoise and trenbolone. Decided to stack them together, heard good things about this stack from friends
I did 200 mg of the trend and 500mgs of the equipoise and had good results for 10 weeks. Went from 208 to 216 and leaned up nicely. I’m 37 years old so gains had stalled
my only complaint was that my products got delivered but my mailbox was empty
two days later I checked my mailbox and my package was in there. so not sure if there was some type of screw up by the post office or if it was domestic supply at fault
anyway I'm happy overall
sorry for post office bro, but we can't do anything with it's fuck ups...