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Man Do Ya'll Elbows and Knees Hurt on Winny?


New member
Man, I have been taking it for about two weeks now and my elbows hurt like you wouldn't believe. Last night after Back and bi's I have to ice them down just to deal with it. Then I took hot bath and found some old pain pills and popped one of those.

It might be my fault a little. I did all my muscle groups in 4 consecutive days instead of resting between each one.

Anyway I was just checking to see if this is a side of winny or not and how ya'll deal with it?


New member
It doesn't have to be deca, just get a bit of water retention going on and you'll be fine. Run a low dose of test, or some d-bols if you think your liver can take it.


New member
Man, I just got off a test and deca cycle. Would it be a good idea to add deca to it now? Will chondrotitent(sp) and glutomin help?

Also am I damaging anything if I keep going heavy even though I am in pain do to the wintrol?


Elite Mentor
It is normal to feel that. You should make sure to get tons of liquids during the day and if you can, take some type of AS that will give you a little water retention. 2-3 dbol per day should do the trick.