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If you train upper body, but don`t train legs, then you are a p*ssy!


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I saw on of these guys at the beach a while ago. Funny as hell. He was walkin around tryin to look all tough with a mean lookin face and all while people snicker at him as he walks by. He had the nerve to wear one of those thong type swimsuits. His arms were bigger than his friggin legs!!!


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My gym is full of dude's with great uppers and pathetic lowers. Can you say Foghorn Leghorn.
I'd like to go up to one of them while their in the squat rack doing curls and say, "Hey Foghorn - how many more sets of show curls do you have?" But, I know that would only lead to a violent altercation in which I would be forced to remove someone's eyes from their orbits. I can always tell the dude's who are embarrassed of their legs, cuz you will never see them in shorts.


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Arnold used to call them Gym Bodies. That is pretty much every guy at my gym. Benches full, squatracks empty.


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I second that. I hate it, my damn workout partner will do upper body on the nights I do my legs because he sucks at it. Drives me crazy thats why I pick on him


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That is just one thing I'll never understand, why people who think they are bb's then proceed to neglect half of their body, it's almost as if they are going out of their way to look ridiculous, and after all the effort they put in they end up looking worse than and getting disrespected by even the most average guy on the beach. My weakest muscle group would be my arms/bi's so I train them at every opportunity, because a physique cannot be considered aesthetic until it has some form of symmetry!


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I'm grateful for all you bird-legged BB's, I can always get on a squat rack, no matter how crowded the gym is. If I see 1 other guy deadlifting when I am, it will be the first.... now if I wanted to do concentration curls with the 20 lb dumbbells, or do cable crossovers, I would probably have to wait in line.

I think dudes feel like skinny legs give them the illusion of a bigger upper body, kinda like how fat people wear black to look thinner, I guess.


you guys shouldn't be talking i seen pics here of some of you guys with the same problems - Chicken Legs