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DNP for women?

Ryan Tripp

New member
I plan on taking DNP in a couple weeks to get rid of more fat. Currently, I am on T3 and so is my girlfriend. She has lost quite a bit of fat, even though she does not notice it. But, she wants to try DNP and I do not know what the sides are for a woman. I heard that it may effect her future developing egg cells. Since, someday I plan on marring my baby, I do not want to have fucked up kids. So, if their are any female vets out there that know anything about sides and dosages for a woman, I would appreciate the info. Tripp out..........

"Live life big, and die smilin"
Hey Tripp-

check out the thread ARRGH I hate the search i was trying to hunt up some stuff myself and the search wasn't working...there's a link there from warlobo
I looked but couldn't find anything under ARRGH??? Tripp out........

"Live life big, and die smilin"
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