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Anybody have tendonitis in their elbows??


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I just got diagnosed with tendonitis in my left elbow after 6 measly weeks back with the weights. I went to an ortho today and he basically told me that I am exibiting the very early stages of tendonitis/Tennis elbow in my left arm. He prescribed me anti inflammatories and gave me a script for 4 weeks of physical therapy. He said I could continue to lift, however I could do no exercises that require me to tightly grip a bar...I.E. I have to keep an open hand for all exercise....WTF over??

Have any of you had tendonitis/tennis elbow??

Is the physical therapy worth my time??

Will this condition go away permanently or will it simply return once my workouts become intense again??

It's funny because my arm does not hurt during my workouts. After the workout is over is when the elbow area becomes uncomfortable and I can tell something is just not right.

At this point im pretty bummed and im questioning weather or not I should continue to lift weights due to one goddamn nagging injury after another.

My initial PT consultation is Friday, so im going to just wait and see what the physical therapist has to say. I look forward to any and all of your responses bro's.

When I had it, I had it bad. It was in both elbows and I couldn't hardly turn the steering wheel in my car sometimes it could hurt so bad. PT did not help, nor did inflammatories. Although inflammatories temporarily made it so I could keep lifting somewhat. I think they just allowed me to make it worse. Just stop lifting for a bit. I quit lifting for close to a year, elbows felt fine, started back to the gym and within a couple weeks elbows were starting to hurt again, but not as bad (this is the reason I started taking steroids in the first place btw). Got some deca and took it at 300mg/week. Within three weeks pain was gone for the most part. At the end of the eight week cycle, pain was completely gone and has never returned as of yet, two years later!! I love deca for this! Hope this helps you some, as I know exactly the frustration that you are going through.
My left elbow bugs the hell out of me whenever I do flat bench. Went to ART twice to fix it up. Now, I've learned my lesson, and don't do flat bench anymore.
Update: I saw two Ortho's and physical therapist this week. From the sounds of it, I just came back from a 4 year layoff a little too fast and strained something in/ around the elbow area. Because I don't have any acute seems troublesome for them to actually pinpoint the problem.

Im going to stop lifting for now and do the PT twice a week. The physical therapist made me do a grip strength test today and I pulled 100 with my right hand grip and 80 with the left...a substantial difference.

After two sessions of massage, EMS and Ultra sound she told me she is going to work with me on strengthening the muscles in my left (injured) arm. From the sounds of it, I should recover 100%.

In the's cardio for me!!
I have that and it comes and goes. I use motrin and a tenis elbow strap and work trough the pain it goes away in about 2-3 weeks.
I've had problems with tendonitis too. The doc I saw was kind of an idiot though. He told me I had it then said take prescription aleve daily and do forearm strenghtening exercises. Yet my forearm strenght isn't lacking from training. My biggest problem was not warming up well enough and bending my wrists too much on certain exercises. Apparantly it puts alot of extra stress on the elbow joint. Skull crushers, close grip bench, dips, and flat bench were hell for me for awhile. Eventually the problem seemed to go away, at least for the time being. I did take a week off and go light a couple weeks to help things heal up.

Can't give any advice on the PT though. I went through PT once for something else (anterior compartment syndrome in my right leg) and in the end it never made a whole lot of a difference for me. So I kinda blew off the idea of PT. I also ignored the doc's advice and didn't take any anti-inflammatories or ice it. I've been advised by several guys on here as well as some others I know that train heavy that, although it helps with the pain, the inflammation is necessary for healing. Don't know if that was the right move, but things seem to be ok now.
yes i have had it and it can be excruciating. the only cure is rest. you gotta let time heal your injury.