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Napsgear AAS Diaries From Napsgear - 12 Week Cut - Beach Lean to Shredded

Richard Brown

Richard Brown
Napsgear Rep

Checkout this AAS Diaries from Napsgear:

By Ken1991

AAS Diaries Description:

I will be documenting my 12 week cutting phase as I hope to go from "Beach Lean" to "shredded". I am 32 years old, 6`1``, 232 lbs, and approximately 10% bodyfatPlan:Training - 5 sessions per weekCardio - 3-4 per weekDiet - high protein, high carb, low fat with a estimated 500 calorie deficitPEDs - Ultima products - Testosterone Cypionate, GH, Masteron, Anavar, and Winstrol at different times

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