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20 week Rad140, YK11, LGD4033 transformation


New member
Early September, I Russell King took the plunge and decided to do a transformation with SARMS RAD140, YK11, and LGD4033.
I took some progress pics along the way to show my work in action.
I had a channel before but lost the password so bear with me if the content seems familiar.
I would like to thank the team at elitefitness for spiking my drink and motivating me to do20200914_181845.jpg20200916_112016.jpg this transformation.

I started this transformation 261 lbs at 6'4

I end this transformation 290lbs

I truly tried to bulk my way to a unheard of mass!

Thanks for watching my shots and please feel free to comment and enjoy the show.

- - - Updated - - -

This is me in early September 2020 looking like a guy that just likes donuts and milkduds.


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Stick to the cutting brother. You have good mass underneath the layer of fat that will look great when you lean out. You just need to stick to it for a longer period of time instead of short burst cycles.