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Dumbell out extensions

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Dumbell out extensions within the Weight Training & Weight Lifting category.

Excerpt: I have only seen and heard of people doing this excersize on an incline bench. Is there a reason for it being done on an incline and not a flat bench?

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    Question Dumbell out extensions

    I have only seen and heard of people doing this excersize on an incline bench. Is there a reason for it being done on an incline and not a flat bench?

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    Pro Bodybuilder Screwball's Avatar
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    Either variation works well..

    I believe that when the Tate Press is performed on a flat bench it allows a little more shoulder rotation and the chances to cheat a little by using the delts and pecs increases slightly. If you perform the exercise on an incline bench the shoulder rotation decreases and the delts and pecs are not as likely to assist. IMHO


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    True. BUt i do them on flat as well , Cheat or not, sometimes i like to handle the biggest dumbells are gym has to offer. And the weight feels good to lockout. The inclines i do are done more strict and i get more sore doing them.

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    Hmmmm...another variation huh? I like it. I change tric exercises every time I train them...now I have 4 of them with dbells I will use.

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    I also believe it's the only incline movement besides a ME excercise incline close grip bench. And I do believe in incline's helping your pause go up. The reason is I experienced it before I ever new anything about westside so I like doing the incline DB elbow outs.

    B fold if you like different tri excercises(this one's from JAY) try doing them either standing up or seated with 2 DB's behind the neck with them touching together. I tried them on monday my tris felt weird after in fact they stil feel sore but a weird type of soreness, feels good.

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