things not quite ideal at the minute.
New baby and less sleep than usual plus
Higher than normal prolactin year round.

looking to hit the first cycle within the next six to eight weeks (sleep will improve drastically by then)

Would say I知 approximately 20% bf at the moment.

store fat more so from the waist downward
So abs are there faintly. Even at < 15% there痴 no separation in quads.
cardio will take priority over strength training to blast the extra tub (over the 6-8weeks) and will
drop the cals accordingly.
Any lean tissue lost I知 hoping to gain back through the Cycle.

With regards to the bloods I値l have them drawn prior to the cycle.
Hopefully the p5p and boron recommended has helped bloods sort them selves out a bit.
Maybe the lack of sleep atm has negatively impacted stuff.
Either way I知 looking to get this cycle going regardless.

14 weeks of 400 test cyp and 6 weeks of 50mg Anavar or tbol.

calories are currently between 2100-2300 a day.
will probably up them to 2600 when cycle starts and increase as and when needed through out.
anyone want to chime in for pointers or whatever?
honesty please.