I think that I have pubertal gynecomastia. Have it since I was 15-16 years of age (now I'm 24). I remember that it started with pain my right nipple. But didn't show to any doctor that time.

Lately had been in talks with family doctor about the issue from a year or two but he just prescribes me some antibiotics & says it will go away with time.
But I wasn't satisfied so today went to a general physician today she advised me to get a sonography. I got a sonography but it did not find anything *that's wired.
So went back to her she prescribed me 'Bromocryptine 2.5mg' for 10days twice a day.

My main concern is can Bromocryptine alone help with gynecomastia ?
This question comes to me because I have heard novla or letro been used to treat gynecomastia, so should I take Bromocryptine alone.

Attached some pictures for reference.

Dealing with this shit is not easy, want to get rid of this.
So good guidance will be highly appreciated.