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    Have a lump in my left rib cage upper rib cage. Ever here of this. Feels like a cyst or lymph node but im not sure. I have def hit rock bottom man. See my dr tomorrow. These dr all think im crazy. I will tell him to feel the lump and it hurts..gonna ask for a ultrasound on it i guess.. I have a vasectomy appt tomorrrow morning. Brutal man
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    Yeah sorry about that. I thought all good games are on 1/2 or later. Saw LSU playing last night and was like WTF!!

    Starting to feel better but i will get playoff games up quick, 50Mil max games most likely. once nfl is over i lose interest
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    Bro, I can't find your appreciation thread in the AAS forum, and I'm not allowed in chat, so I can't let the EF world how I feel. Anyway, there are two maybe three people on this entire site who I would confide with about anything related to fitness and you happen to be one of them. Good job!!!
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    Dude, why is your appectiation thread under chat? I can't even go in there and give you your well deserved props. Try to get it moved in the AAS board, please..
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    Hey sorry to bug, not sure what you know on blood work and not sure the keywords to search on here or google to get exact, with exception of testosterone, and estrodial as they are checked regularly had a friend/trainer suggest check thyroid, serotonin, dopamine. Been on higher dosages of TRT and along with nandrolone for awhile(done wonders for immune system and other blood work in line as well), having some anxiety issues(been there before TRT just holiday season has brought it out also think it is causing sexual issues), which were there to begin with, and other more intimate issues. Visiting Doc end of january again to refill scripts, wondering anything else you would recommend getting. While I don't know you personally know the posts you have given in the past know, you know your stuff.
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    Oh, you definitely nailed it. My buddy, who played D1 football at WVU, and then was a competitive BB always says, the "majority" of real weight trainers/bodybuilders avoid these sites like the plague. They lack interest for numerous reasons.. Yep! You nailed it!
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    I hear you, bro. I turned 41 this past July and I have no intentions on quitting. On the contrary, I am stepping up my game. OLM has some jacked bros, but it is slow paced. I started to talk to Nate via texts, and he sort of hinted that the site was lacking vets. That's when I decided to come back, I had no intentions on coming back here after what happened. But I like Nate, Hurricane, you, and some other bros, so I decided to give it another try. My biggest complaint about this site has always been that "chat" dominates the entire site. That was unnerving to me then and it is unnerving to me now. That's how I got caught up in the first place. Hence, Nate thinks I should stay out of chat and so do I. There is nothing but unfiltered garbage over there anyway. Good talking with you, bro.
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    Dude, where in the hell have all the vets gone?? This site is overran with newbs. Also, thank you for the K..
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    Sounds good man! going to post thur night and a few right now. I just put 30 million on my cowboys. I will match 30 million on your phins for fun. what is there to lose
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    can u help again this week? had a coworker get a new job and been having to pick up a lot of slack this past week. thx bro
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5'6.5" 200 lbs 10.6% bf 415lbs bench, 515 X 6 squat. county PL champion, 8th in state of FL.
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when it comes to fitness anyone who manages to work harder then me
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politics, nutrition, money
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NFL, NHL, track (not field), weightlifting +1
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nature, water, animals
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poker, working out, women
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racism, abusive people
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whole foods
Love kids, but not for me
Post grad
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lots of dogs


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