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    Good stuff
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    Do you have a domestic source for robolic? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey steve how much test E should I run with my tren ace? do I really need to run 500mg per week with the tren?
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    The oats are making me feel bloated though and shakes too. I am doing a 5x5 strength training program but I'm a very thin guy . I'm 67kg at 10% fat
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    Hi I have a few questions on this cycle but would like to give a little background first. I start doing steroids at 20 years old I know this was to young. I have done test enanthate, tren ,d-bol, androl 50. I did these in different cycles. I did steroids for about 2 maybe 3 years.

    In taking steroids this long I mostly did test enanthate for 10 weeks and would cycle off. I did do one for 14 weeks. The bad part is that I never did any PCT or ai. I did get a little gyno not to were you can see but if you push on it you can feel it. It also hurts if you push on it hard. I did have a doctor look at it and he pretty much said that's what you get for taking steroids. I do recall a little brown shit leaking out of my nips when I finished tren once to.

    So there was the bad anyway I am almost 29 now and have got back into lifting and eating clean for about a year. I am looking at doing a cycle again but want to do it right this time.
    The cycle my buddy is telling me to do is tren forte and test cyp but I want to do test enanthate. maybe do 14 weeks. I have been researching and it crazy how many other ai and PCT people take. I am look for input on this specially since I have a little gyno already I don't want it to get worse. Please help

    I am 29 6'3'' 240 pounds and 19% body fat. I eat clean and work out 6 days week with two of those being cardio. I am looking to lean out more. I always bulked before because I played football and no longer do . Maybe down the road get into some powerlifting comp. or something.

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    Where can I find pharocom gear?
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    Hey Steve I am running a 12 week tren test cycle (week 1-8 is test and tren rest is test/masteron). Around what week do you recommend me starting the HCGenerate and at what dosage? I have the clomid and hcg also in hand for my pct per your advice on the pct link.
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    Hey Steve, can you critique my cycle:

    Tren Ace 50mg EOD Week 1-8
    Test P 50mg EOD Week 1-8
    Masteron 75mg EOD Week 6-12
    Test E 500mg/week Week 9-12
    Caber .5mg/week throughout cycle

    QUESTION: When should I start HCGenerate? When should I start HCG (also at what IU?)?

    Will Clomid for PCT be sufficient?
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    Hey one last message. Sorry to bug brotha. Do you take the n2guard and HCGenerate DURING your cycle. Should I switch from HCGenerate to HCG midway through cycle? If so around when?
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when it comes to fitness anyone who manages to work harder then me
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politics, nutrition, money
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NFL, NHL, track (not field), weightlifting +1
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nature, water, animals
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poker, working out, women
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racism, abusive people
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lots of dogs


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