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    Hey steve hope all is well.. I am finished with the hcg/hmg and now am 5 days into clomid and phytoserms. I still feel as suppressed as ever and was wondering if this is normal. I'm going to complete the protocol and get blood work a week later regardless but wanted to know if I should be feeling a little better by now
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    Maybe, I will explain how to use slin upon waking and pre-workout, then you can sticky that thread. It appears, that thread is getting alot good feedback. Man, this tren got me fucked-up in the head like whoa! I been trippin' hard!
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    Agreed. Cane is very business savvy and professional. I like how he handles things and I like his attitude. The guy has bailed me out of trouble plenty of times, so I feel like I owe to him to chill out and be sort of respectful on the forum. He definitely has my vote. An all-around good bro...
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    Thank God he's in charge!
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    Who is in charge after BRR?
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    I hope I don't catch hell for explaining how to use slin. That thread was spawned because I mentioned slin in my thread, so I felt compelled to explain how to use it. I don't want any of these fools checking out because they used it wrong. That dude who made that thread incited things; I was about to tell him to mind his own fucking business but I'm on the hot seat as usual. Use that slin the way I told you and you will indeed get jacked up. You gotta get them cuts for sluts
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    thx again for the bloodwork info my friend =]
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    First I want to say thanks to taking the time to reply to my shutdown after pct thread. I have gotten all the pieces of the puzzle in the mail (hcg/hmg/phytoserms/clomid) and just had a quick question about phytoserms. I am 5'6 170 lbs so would my dose be 1 per day? Also should I start it after my last hcg/hmg or can I start earlier? Thanks
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    Yeah, up the eq another 100 mgs a week in about a week because myostatin will raise about week 8, which means your cycle will stall. Upping the doses at that time will combat myostatin from getting out-of-control; high levels of myostatin will indeed stall your cycle. That's smart to keep the tren at 200 mgs a week. Like I said, 99% of the people on this board don't have the muscle nor the muscle capacity to utilize a lot of tren. But these people on this board don't want to hear it; they fall for all the bro lore. I'm done talking to them! Irrespective of evidence to the contrary.

    Later on..
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    Good. No such thing as too intense . It appears, you are reaching a plateau, so now might be the time to up the eq dose. I assure you that you will see a world of difference..
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