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  • Holy smokes... I just read your message. I can't believe there is anybody left who even remembers who Armand Tanny is.

    He was still making the scene in the 90s when Pudgy Stockton was organizing The Muscle Beach Alumni Association. They even had their own newsletter just for the crowd who were part of the scene back in the 30s and 40s.

    Here is his obit. It is a sadder world for losing anyone from that crowd. There are only a couple of them left. Armand Tanny, 90, pioneering bodybuilder who won national titles - The Boston Globe
    new to site just broke a new STAN QV 50 bottle, was wondering reputable sources to purchase and injection durations. if any help thanks
    you hang in there Bro, lots of good people here. You ever need any of us, hit the PM button. I may reccommend going through the posts on the group site, there's TONS of good material and suggestions....
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