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  1. Thanks Needto, I appreciate your imput. I have a couple of other questions if your have the time?

    For the MGF site injections, is is ok to use a slin and is it better to do them PWO?

    GHRP injections - First one upon waking with the GH?

    Second, post workout and would it be better to do these in the Bi's and Tri's as well or just the ab area?

    I've also read where IGF-1 site injections worked well. Your thoughts, and if so, how do you alternate (if at all) between the MGF and IGF and maybe the GHRP ?

    Man, I thought I finally had it figured out and then along came the peptides!
  2. IGF-1 40mcg SQ 5 days on 2 off for 4 weeks

    GHRP 6 350mcg SQ EOD for 12 weeks
    350mcg twice a day 5 days on 2 days off is how I do it

    MGF 200mcg Site Inject EOD (Bi's and Tri's) 4 weeks for Bi's then 4 weeks Tri's
    looks good
    GH 3 IU's SQ 2xD
    every morning dose looks good. 3 days on 1 day off
    I will also be running a AAS stack for 12 weeks in conjuction with the above.

    Now, after all my research I'm pretty confused as to the stack combination, dosages, injection location and times. I'm doing a bulking cycle. I'm 214, 5'9 around 8 to 9% BF and I've done mutiple AAS cycles over the years.

    I just completed my third show in Oct. and was hoping to put on some weight prior to taking a run at the nationals in July.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for you time.


  3. yes
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