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    im 5'7" to start with
    well i have been self conscious about my height since i remember about my 14s. towards my 18s i came to understand that this is the way i am, just as in the nature things are different and accepted to live along and be happy despite my shortness. i did not ignore my weakness as if there is one thing i'd hate in my life is the ignorance - so bullshit to all comments that its ok to be short there are millions with short stature and still successful, yes captain awkward we know that, one example is the godfather thank you! so having accepted that its not "ok" to be 5'7", but still survival stands, and survival without happiness is BS.. i said fuck it all go on with the life. up until now i have not been abused by tall guys infact i knocked the shit outa few.. but when i just heard about the procedure i thought it was worth it and if below average can be pulled to the average, i'd called it a "cure" not a cosmetic BS
    anyhow dont know if u still consider the procedure or not this is how its gonna go down for me..
    according to my research there is an artificial calcium called "nano calcium pills" which are manufacture by the nano technology and they can move upto 8 times faster in blood and are by far definition stronger than the natural calcium found in nature..
    surgery takes few hours and external fixators as well as the internal ones are connected. 3 months later externals are removed and you can walk freely since internal ones will hold ur bone straight to the full recovery. up to a year you need to lower the pressure on ur bones and avoid squad push ups. afterwards u are free..
    during that 1 year u can still do bench press arms shoulders flies etc but not to put pressure on ur shin bones.
    im not trying to make my decision look good because simply im doin it myself so it could look ugly, disturbed, wrong, foolish, self esteemed (as if i have to see a psychiatrist) etc from other pints of view and i couldnt care less for them.. this is my life my decision and it could be all that from other points of view
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