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  1. Everything is always cool bro.... check out my forum needtobuildmuscl.net man....

    love everyone on elite and its my home forever. Always making sure there is a good balance around here.
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    hey guys thanx for advice, well im neally a week in started off at 93.5 kilograms, 12-13% bf at most, i weighed maself 2dai at gym n i weigh 87.3kilograms (thats in the afternoon) however i wouldnt say this is all fat obviously as alot would be water weight BUT i am only saying that because i dont believe in that kind of fat loss that quik, however the mirror tels me different n i appear ALOT leaner (ive gone from having little bodge in my belly to nice n smooth wif little abs showing now,
    , strength wise in the gym i have lost abit in sum lifts eg my barbel shoulder press has gone from 85 kilograms of 12 reps to 70 kilograms 12 reps (however i didnt reach mucle failure as i am only training lightly while running DNP) i rekon i could still do 80, only major thing ive noticed strength wise is i can lift weight but a few reps in i fatigue easy and sweat alot more easily
    i jus started recently taking hte Cytomel at the DNP and the sudden restction in calories made me feel like garbage, i feel 100% now

    BUT i have to say this, after alot of reading on DNP and all the dangers of overheating, continous sweating, feeling horrible etc i believe alot of this to be a great exaggeration, i first started running DNP at 600mg at the begging however reduced it as i cannot sleep if i feel warm or hot, n the mild sweat i got from DNP prevented me from sleeping, i have lowered it to 500mg a day, 300 in morning and 200 in the afternoon and still sweat lightly BUT nowhere near as badly as i have read e.g DNP will make a user so hot it would be uncomfortable to sit near or next to him, I BELIEVE THAT TO BE GARBAGE, the tempratuyre rise i feel best explained i can put it in these terms, if its the climate for a warm jumper outside u would wear a singlet n feel nice n cool, thats exactly how i feel
    BTW in terms of muscle loss as people will think running such a aggresive cycle would hinder muscle greatly i should mention that sum of my lifts have gone up, my stiff leg deadlift has gone from 140 kilograms of 10 reps to 150 10 reps, sum other lifts have gone up few rteps or a kilo or 2 but im not going to waste ur time wif these stats
    the only thing in terms of heat from DNP of wat i dont particularly like is i can be im a mild room n have a light sweat n a red face, NOT MUCH BUT as a person who like to go out on a friday or saturday night i have put a stop to this n just stayed home n had sum quiet time wif my girlfriend for the next 2 weeks as if i was to go to a club i have to admit a light amount of dancing and YES u would have a really good sweat going
    MY diet consists of 250 grams protein, 250 carbs n low fat, i do no cardio n workouts are short n not intense or to muscle failure

    AS for comments on the clen i first got shakes n muscle cramps from clen running 120mg or 160 mg a day, on 80mg a day after the first few days all these side effects have left me

    any more questions or comments plzz leave more, happy to anser or listen to them
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    am looking for baech body think im a bit put from t3 before ive even started!
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    rock on bro!
  5. Glad to hear you are more where you want to be now! Sorry it took me a bit to get back. I've been out of town and away from the pc. All the best!
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    yeah being a tall guy has its down sides lol im 5'7 with VERY receptive genetics so i build quick but platau easy...been training only for three years now but made hella progress concidering i wasted 10years of my life on the old crystal...YOU WANNA TALK SERIOUS MUSCLE ATROPHY LOL.....i was only 125lbs till i was 26! then i got cleaned up and started hitting the bottle hard for a year and got FAT and depressed...took one look at m FAT weddin photo and said this is gonna change! now im 30 and thin and weigh 198lb but i wanna shoot for 220
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    thanks for the k hit bro...lookin good how long u been training?
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Classic bodybuilding.
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Really enjoying the Shins, but like olf Pixies stuff, Judas Priest, whatever.
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Highlander, The Princess Bride, Clockwork Orange, lots of movies.
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Muscle: Story of an Unlikely Bodybuilder, Healing the Shame that Binds You, The Road Less Traveled
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spending the weekend relaxing in a hot-tub in a cabin in the woods.
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cottage cheese, lettuce, pasta sauce, ground flax seed, cheese, etc.
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