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  • Thank you, at least everything turned out fine,i'm ready to start back working out,but its really good to see you doing well :)
    I saw your Karma Message and Woah! Great seeing you,How have you been,I spent my last 2 months on the couch (had surgery for a dranage prob,then last week had surgery on my other eye for Glaucoma. Things have been topsy turvey here!
    Looking good brother. The Tren really made a huge difference. I personally love it. Have a great week Glen
    Only the lightweight newbs don't remember you. They think "Join Date: Apr 2008" makes them a hardcore vet.
    Hey Glennds! I saw your post re stacking tren e and test. It sounds like you know what you are talking about and others seem to agree with you.
    I have ordered these items (2 bottles of each to begin with as i have little money!)
    I have been training for 2 or 3 years now and I have hit a plateau. I have tried tren e before and it gave me terrific strength and size on a very small dose!! (1ml / wk)
    I am only 77kg, 6-7% body fat,. I dont want to be massive - I want quality lean muscle - but i obviously want it as fast as possible :)
    Can you give me any advice on stacking tren/Tes and how to measure out what you quoted in your post - 500 mg test enan along with 400mg trenbolone enan
    Is this too much for me? should i do less? I really have very little experience and I hope you might be able to guide me.

    Kindest Regards,
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