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About falcmik1

Basic Information

About falcmik1
My Stats::
5'9", 181.5lbs, 10.5% BF, 26.7 BMI, 162 LBM (Tot body H20 119.5lbs, Dry Lean mass 42.6lbs), BFM 19.2lbs
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My Profile Headline:
Changed every thing in my life to get to this starting point
About Me:
An abridged history of a former homeless meth addict. After years of blaming and punishing himself for something that was not his fault, and realizing nothing he could have done would have changed what happened. He decided he didnt wanna die yet not like that, so he spent a few years pulling his ass up and off the street and off meth. In the process got fat. He decided he didn't want to die yet, not like that. So he got a bike, and joined a gym, but he realized the years on the street, did much more than physical damage. He was nervous around anybody he didnt know, he could not do anything in public if he was not 100% proficent at it, as he felt that he was still constantly being scrutinized and judged as he once been, Since he had never worked out at a gym before he had no clue what to do so he rode his bike for exercise, and stayed home. Decided that Wasn't enough, he wanted (ever since he was a kid) to be bigger, stronger, look /feel comfortable in his own skin. first he had to relearn how to go out and be around people again. So he started forcing himself into social situations that he feared, where he could end up looking foolish, or stupid, or judged. People were not as horrible as he had come think, and as luck would have it, he met 3 people along the way who each played a vital role in helping him realize and start down the path to get where wanted to be: the bodybuilder, the trainer and the love of his life, each helped change they way he saw him self, and the support to change. And change is what he did, everything, stopped getting in his own way, stopped thinking that he couldnt and wouldnt be able to do anything and learned that he could do anything and deserved to be successful. he always wanted a motorcycle, so he got one, is on it more than not. He always wanted to be big, muscluar, and look good, so he rejoined a gym. He used every rescorus he had to learn what and how to do what he need to do to get what he wanted, not that he learned everything or that he wasnt wrong about a lot, but he asked and read and listened- Been going 3 days a week for about 8 months, working his ass off, weighing every piece of food, logging every glass of water...lost 10 pounds, that's about it, no noticeable change, no strength increase. Frustrated he was about to walk away, but his doctor called to tell him he suffered from low testosterone, and started the trial and error phase of dialing in the correct TRT for him. Suddenly (well not suddenly but a month or so after starting TRT) everything changed, he felt better, his strength was increasing... An error at the pharmacy occured and he ended up with 6 extra bottles of test. (yes he kept it after much back and forth with himself about the moral and ethical implacations of not returning it, he was told by his Dr, that if he returned it it would be destroyed, so he kept it. He Got online, and read and read, and read, fact checked, and read more, picked the brains of everyone he could, and read more. Decided, against conventional wisdom, against the protests, and advice of everyone he knew and every forum or article online, to run a steroid cycle with the extra test. He had his reasons (mostly bad ones) to justify his doing it. the only true reason was because he wanted to. He was very serious about it and planned and planned, the bodybuilder agreed to help and test cycle became a test, dbol,deca stack. He hired the trainer to make sure he was doing things correctly in the gym. the lover kept him in line on the diet. He is at this time 8 weeks into 15 weeks. He couldn't be happier, he is still a little weirded out when he looks in the mirror (he has changed so much all for the better!) He, I just got my mid cycle blood work back and have a few questions lol. hoping some one can explain something for me and offer some advice....


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