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    I am a rep and we would like to become a board sponsor here.Can you email the information to get started?

    Joe Scudieri
  2. hi Dylan, You have my appreciation for sharing your wealth of information. I am not a stranger to your posts here or videos on Youtube. You have a nice stage presents about you and I would encourage you to continue with this and possibly consider using your talent for more. Not sure what that might be but you do have a nice quality about you.

    Now down to business (Less is More, or is it )

    I would simply like to ask cycle advice. I have made the decision to pin for many reasons but maybe the biggest is simply the quality of life.

    I am 6'2" 225 at about 10 - 12% bf. In great health and have been for years. Regular blood work shows nothing irregular. Previous international competition (running / cycling )

    A current goal is to continue a regular heavy cardio routine, gain strength and slowly build quality muscle.

    How about a less is more approach whereas a small amount of different esters working together for a combined result.

    AGAIN this is only an idea and I would appreciate any advice/input you have. Mix leave out add items , etc.

    (6 WEEK CYCLE)

    TEST CIP 1 ml (once a week - 6 weeks)

    Winstrol Depot 1/2 ml (every other day ( 4 weeks )

    Equipoise 1 ml. (Once a week 6 weeks)

    Anavar 2 10 Mg. Oral ( Every other day - 6 weeks)

    Nolvadex or Clomid as PCT - ( Unsure of the duration and quantities)

    I am looking for some nice quality gains here and I believe this will do it. Simply looking to put all the pieces together.

    Please feel free to share the message any input is welcome.

    Best wishes.

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    Three quick things. 1. Thank you for all the great videos. You've been immensely helpful increasing my understanding. Kudos!
    2. I'm a cyclist looking to shed body fat and really lean out over the winter. I was thinking of running GW as a standalone product. I'm not ready yet to take the plunge with something injectable and the risk with orals for my comfort level is too high. Would running it solo provide results for a skinny biker? Currently 158 looking to hit 150 and hold that.
    3. Lastly, what changed your mind in recommending Unique from a few years ago and what has brought you to going with sarms1?

    Thank you for helping out so many athletes.
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    Completely agree with you buddy... Thanks again!!

    So yeah on the hunt for reliable Dostinex...:-)
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    Man - I'd be an idiot not to appreciate and thank you for your input! And hey thanks again bud!!

    LOL the var was a serious mistake!!!!.... sh*t that's quite obvious!.. I'd screw myself royally! At least 6 weeks of Var makes sense then switch over to Winny... Granted and there was no error in me thinking of switching to Winny sooner (Week 5), but gather you reckon that's not a good idea... which is cool by me - was just trying to be creative! :-)

    I did omit Cycle support for orals - but, always include them in my cycle - and if I can have N2guard shipped to JHB, SA - will definitely do so (always such a HUGE challenge :-( )... same applies with SARMS (have just sent emails to both requesting shipping to South Africa).

    And yeah read your article... Good one: And I'm with you - especially given the fact that Acne not my friend during cycles (ALWAYS been an issue in every cycle), and was a cancer victim years back. And obviously very conscious of Hypertension, Liver dysfunction and Cholesterol issues while on cycle. Important to note, I'm clear of all of these at the moment, and have it all checked out regularly.

    As for Dostinex - boy oh boy - if only I could source it - haven't been successful in my last 2 cycles (crazy but true)

    Dare I ask a very controversial question - you really think I need to include Nolva with the Clomid (used to, and I can assure you I have followed tons of research here... and man, I just get pulled into different schools of thought every time.. )?

    So yeah let me see what I can have delivered to this side of the world - and I'll gladly tweak my cycle according to your suggestions!! :-) Thanks again for ALL your input bro!

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    Hey Dylan -

    How you doing man??? Really hope all is well your side?!

    Not sure if you saw my post: http://www.elitefitness.com/forum/anabolic-steroids/another-cycle-before-year-ends-1266293-2.html... But like really really - thank-you! :-) Without sounding arrogant I know what I'm doing but with your advice I take things to another level.

    So I'm going to post a thread for opinions - but thought I'd message ya first... What I'm thinking of as my next cycle... been playing with this idea - dare I ask what you think, if you have some time to spare that is!? :-)

    Weeks 1-12: Test Prop 100mg 75mg/ed (525mg/w)
    Weeks 1-13: Var 10mg 50mg/ed (350mg/w)
    Weeks 1-9: Tren 75 A 75mg/ed (525mg/w)
    Weeks 5-13: Winny 50mg/ed (350mg/w)
    Weeks 9-13: HCG 500ius weekly
    Weeks 1-16: Adex 0.5mg ED
    Weeks 14-15: Clomid 50mg Daily
    Weeks 15-16: Clomid 50mg EOD

    Alternate every 2 weeks Clenject and ECA

    As always open to any criticism! :-) And yeah must say - being very creative here, and trying something different.

    Dude - I just wish I could make you "truly" realise how much I value your input!... Really do - and wish I could compensate you somehow!!

    So yeah thanks man -
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    Thanks for the reply and info. I have been a guinea pig for years on and off PH's and gear and never used caber. Explains alot especially about Nolva. I ordered Caber from a site. I will hold off on the trenavar and will try the link to Liquid A.I I saw. I have Hcgenerate and formastanzol also as I mentioned. I value your experience. I been on here awhile and have seen some get teased when questioned are asked. I thank you for your information and patience.
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    sent a pm message, advice apreciated
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    Sent you a PM.
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    First time anything
    Sarms1 GW & S4.... I've read so much I've confused myself
    Dose it GW 10mgs x2 ed and S4 25mg x2 ed (5 on 2 off if vision gets screwy)...right path? First time so doing basic dosages is the idea I'm going with
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