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  • calling you now man. Give me a call when you get a chance. It is a belling to hear from you man. I always loved having you here on the forums ans a friend. I missed you and I am sure many others did to.

    Turn over rate for forums is high but ef keeps a lot more then others. So I am sure you will still know a lot of the good guys here. Dabuff is still here and so is traz. Sl, iggy is too. 2evil is always around but hangs on tsc a bit more. Bigpimp turned out to be a scammer and I had to send him packing lol.. Damn good to see you my friend. Anything I have is yours my friend. Give me a call or msg me TTYL
    wow sorry to hear that bro i know how it is....i had a lot of prblems too....send me a PM anytime if u wanna talk man....hope all else is well
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