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    Yes I am new to the site and was wanting to make a thread and I don't see where I can make one, can you help me out? I have some questions about my cycle I am on and some comments about it, also how do I go about getting to know about some of the guys here on the site? I don't see where there is a list of members so as I can except them or ask them to be apart of my friends list.
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    Hey, I'm new to this site but not new to anabolics. But lately a lot of guys I've been lifting with have started talking about sarms. I've been doing some research, and I'm thinking about trying a cycle of ostarine. I was wondering if you could help me out with setting up a cycle? Also would I need to run a pct? Some sites say yes, some say no? I have access to nolvadex if needed. Should I stack this with anything? What about cycle length? And my last question is which site is most reliable to buy from? Thanks for your time ahead of time!
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    Hey there i made a thread about this but im so worried i'll pm my problem to you as well.

    Im on day 6 of my cycle

    Test e 500mg/w

    Deca 300mg/w

    Dbol 40mg/ED

    Nolvadex 20mg/ED & Provion 50mg/ED

    Didnt have access to AI (Up untill today)..

    So here is the story i started my cycle 2 days ago i started to feel my nipples sore, i just upped my nolva to 40mg ED but that didnt do the job apperently. I have sore nipples, they look pointy and soft. When i press the nipple i cant tell if there is a lump under there or not (can't tell the difference if im touching the muscle under the pec or there is an actual lump) but i definitely know something is not ok.

    So my question is this: What should i do? I will get adex today and i was thinking of taking it 1mg for 2 days along with 40mg nolva and 50mg provion and after that just go with 0.5mg eod & 20mg nolva with 50mg provion.

    I also take about 300mg b6

    800iu Vit E

    And 75mg Zinc

    And the deca hasn't kicked in so i know its not due to prolactin.

    Give me feedback bro.

    Ps should i drop the dbol completely? Or give arimidex a fighting chance to fix the problem?
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    Hey, please excuse my ignorance about steroids firstly. I'm a complete newbie to this.

    Age 27 male
    150lbs 16% fat

    The following cycle was recommended as a starter to me by the person who sold me the gear.

    2ml Test E-250mg for 5 weeks per week
    40mg dbol a day 10-10-10-10mg for 5 weeks.

    PCT - Clomid 50 per day at bed time for 3 weeks starting one week after the cycle.

    I'm sorry if I'm asking stupid questions and tell me if what I'm doing is right.
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  6. Hi mate, can see you must be a busy man, but ill throw mine into the pile and hopefully you get a chance to have a look, started a thread a couple days ago but as of yet no real info, dont want to waste my time or money doing thingas the wrong way so a bit advice from a pro would go a long way with my best options!

    cheers in advance bud

    link is http://www.elitefitness.com/forum/an...d-1347133.html

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    I want to take dbol any advice where and how to get it?
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    Hey bud. My name is Joe and I am looking for some "good" advice on a good cycle to run. Here's my stats. 40 years old. 5'10" 183 lbs. Lay checked body fat was at 16%. I'm looking to bulk and cut. I know it's not easy or ideal but I have been working out hard since Oct. And I'm three weeks into running HGH. 1.5 iu morning and night. Workout 6 days a week. No cardio at gym except for to loosen up. I'm a lineman by trade so I have a very active lifestyle. Eat healthy, no junk food at all. Shoot for 200 mg minimum of protein a day. I'm looking to get that little extra step up. Any help would be appreciated. I was looking at starting a cycle of test e and d ball but the d ball is pill form a and I heard that was bad for the liver. Can you recommend dosage and maybe something else I'd you feel I may benefit more from it.

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    Was wondering if u could help. Starting oral only stack.
    3 x gp methan 50
    3 x gp proviron
    2 liv-52
    Could u tell me if I need any other liver protectants or estro blockers. I had a lil gyno as a kid.
    25 6'1
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    hello i am new to the site i am seeking help on my first cycle i am 58 kg good weight for my height i have been training for 2 years and build 7 kg of muscle mass naturally i am going to begin a cycle but before i do i need some help if the cycle is right i want to do this thing right.

    week 1-10 250 deka
    week 1-12 250 sust on monday and thursday
    for pct 12-16 HCGenerate 3 caps am 2 caps pm
    12-16 forma-stanzol 5 pumps am and pm
    12-16 (optional) clomid 25mg ED

    please i would really like you advise since i have read many different cycles and pct i dont know whice on is good. thankyou
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