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    Hey man, could I get a list of sponsors for EF?
  2. lol! Yeah i'm still doing it, I was staining a huge china cabinet when all of a suddenly the freaking thing collapses into a million pieces under me, I was buried under the rubble for about 10 minutes, after i finally got out i found the whole things was put together with small staples and no glue...WTF?
  3. how is the restoration work coming along buddy ? are you still doing it....i havent seen you on pawn stars yet .. wtf ?
  4. Hi there, been ok ,broke as hell. I'm selling alot of stuff to get funds for glaucoma meds.
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    Hey, Old Buddy.....It's been a while. I was away doing business and spending time with my family but I've been back very recently. I hope you've been well. What's new?! Come stop by my thread.
  6. blood glucose looks good
    A normal trigylceride reading is less than 150 mg/dL, according to the National Cholesterol Education Program's most recent guidelines. A reading between 150 and 199 mg/dL is considered borderline high.
    I'm suprised you didn't get an hdl ,ldl reading (good bad cholorestrol) Reading
    Bad cholorestrol-less than 100 optimal
    Good hdl-lass than 150 ,normal
    the rest should reach normal levels after the cycle is over, however your test ratio is low
    Sure you're feeling like you do did you even do a PCT?
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    Hi Radar!

    I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on this recent blood draw
    I'm 52
    train 4-5 times per week/cardio 3 of those days

    Weight 195
    Using Test c 300 per week
    Deca 100 per week
    Anastrozole .5 every other day

    Clean diet

    My high or out of whack results after dropping deca for 6 weeks and then dropping test for 4 weeks

    Blood work:
    Glucose 102
    Albumin/Globulin ratio 2.1
    Triglycerides 259
    Cholesterol total 225
    HDL 50
    LDL choleterol calc 123
    Estradiol <5.00
    Testosterone 138

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I can't get a doc to help me out to save my ass.

    Are these reading way out there or is this fairly common with test and deca use?

    Since I've been off I feel old and worn out. When I'm on I feel fantastic.

    Any good cok books or diets you can recommend on elite? and would some sort of peptide help with triglyceride, or am I diabetes bound.

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    you are a very strong sexy man ! you are a life saver and you have my respect.
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    Hey man I keep seeing people reference you as the coupon king. I'm going to order Forms Stanzol and wanted to see it you knew of any discount codes. Thanks for the help.
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    I need more help you answered my questions very quickly last time and I appreciate here are my following questions/dilemmas ?

    I am getting ready to purchase a 4 month supply of GH. I can either get blue tops or green tops. The supplier is reputable. I specifically told them " I don't care what the color is as long as it's 98 or 99% pure which one do you recommend" they did not answer the question. They just told me they have both so my question is.

    who on the board has experience with both green tops an blue tops and which one is more likely to be counterfeited ?
    For people who have used both did you prefer or notice a difference in green tops vs blue tops ?

    My other question is should I do hgh frag 176-191 if so in what doses or run a combo of cjc-1295 and ghrp-6 ?
    What scares me of the following combinations is I'v done both 176-191 and cjc-1295 along with ghrp-6 and I did not get the numbness and tingling in my fingers and I always get that wen I run
    6 Ius a day of GH split into 2 doses. I have been out of the loop for awhile and now there is a CJC-1295 with dac and one without and there is a GHRP-2 along with GHRP-6
    If you people on the board where going to spend $1300.00 what would you spend on why ( try and back up your answer with some scientific fact and not well my buddy takes this or that and he's huge and ripped )

    also include what doses would you take and how many times a day do I need to take 176-191. CJC-1295 with dac, without dac, GHRP-2 or GHRP-6 etc

    Which one should I get/which stack should I do ?
    Thank you

    By the way I'm 40 years old been training on and off for 24 years I'm curently on HRT at 150 mgs a week split into 3, 50 mg doses a week of test cyp. My goal for the peptide questions above are decreased body fat ant anti aging because for muscle building I have never been to impressed with GH.
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