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    I My friend, I can not get into Anabolic Underground sends a page that says that I blocked temporarely..what should I do?thank you
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    Hi elvia, I need to buy another order on researchliquid.eu, can you help me with discount code?
    P.s. Last Order fast & very good Product, thank you
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    Hi ELVIA, can I have info about this MK-677 25MG/ML - 30Ml
    See in s.eu, Sounds interesting, does it work? What dosage? How to use?
    Side effects?
    Thank you so much

    ser side
  4. Yes IGF-1 DES is great for localized growth. It won't put inches on you but it should give some size and most importantly improve the overlook look of the muscle. Combining it with your MGF would be great too. DES is only active for mins and needs to be injected at a certain time to be most effective. Ideally you want to inject it about 10 m9ins into an arm workout were lactic acid has built up (started getting a pump). I would dose 100mcg at that time in your bi-ceps so 50mcg per side so 1 injection per bi-cep or even micro injs of 5 x 10mcg in each bi-cep. If you cannot dose it at this time then as close to your workout as possible (pre workout). Although it would be better dosing it during your workout.
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    in researchliquid there is igf-1 des 1-3....
    is good For local grow For biceps?dosage and time to thake it?For How time?
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    Hello, I switched to superior from another reputable company (max pep) because I saw how many people brag about superior. I just received my package today. Was super excited. Plan on running ghrp-6 two to three times a day and ipam at night. I'll also be running cjc-1295 no dac with each shot. Started tonight with 100 mcg of ipam and cjc-1295 no dac. Unfortunately, no flush, no heat, no nothing. I've never not had a flush so I'm concerned. Thoughts or recommendations? I had an old bottle cjc1295 no dac with ipam blend in my fridge from my old company that didn't get finished due a lot of travel, and for sh*ts and giggles, I gave it a try 30 mins after the superior shot. I assumed since it was around 4 months old, it wasn't good. But, major flush! Let me know what you think. Thanks I'm advance!
  7. Just realized what you meant. I have replied in your thread
  8. Ask away
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    I have a few final questions for you if you don't mind.
  10. So sorry for the late reply... been busy and left my pm's. We sell LR3 and it would work out about $350 (that includes shipping)for 10 bottles of 1mg. That's if you use the current BOGO promo which won't be on much longer. Are you sure they are 100mcg and not a 1000? 100mcg is 1/10th of what we sell and what most companies sell (1mg or 1000mcg).

    It's one of the products everyone seems to love and I get a lot of guys pm me saying how great it is. I used it and didn't think it was amazing but good. I seem to be a bad responder compared to others. I used 2 vials so 2mg so not a great deal but enough to get a fair idea. You could dose it so many ways. I would personally dose it about 100mcg eod. I would move up in dose but have short breaks between each vial.

    I would dose it pre training in a weak muscle group and train it eod. But you could use it in multiple body parts but I would concentrate on 1 or 2.

    If you need anything else just let me know.

    Almost forgot incase you use us the code is FREEBOGO and add the total number you want and apply the code. So if you want 10 vials add 10 and apply the code and you pay for 5. Link to the site is...


    Let me know what you decide to do and how you find the LR3 you end up getting. Kev
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