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  1. can you give me a link to the product you are talking about here?
  2. never change the cycle. And never go past 8 weeks with tren anyway.. stick to the plan, do pct and plan for your next cycle man
  3. phoes deing charging now though
  4. nights yes
  5. weeks

    1-10 Test prop 100mg every other day
    1-8 Tren ace 100mg every other day
    1-8 add in a DHT ether 100mg masterone every other day, 50mg winny every day or Provirone 25mg twice a day.(see not one)
    1-8 Aromasine ( called liquid stan) 12.5mg ( Ie 1/2ml) every other day
    6-12 Need2slin 1 cap 3 times a day 30 mins before meals or T3-pct if need2slins out of stock. (see note 2)
    6-10 hcgenerate 3 caps am 2 caps pm ( see note 3)
    10-16 forma-stanzol 5 pumps am and 5 pumps pm (see not 4)
    10-14 forged post cycle full dose am and pm
    14-18 Bridge 1 cap 3 times a day

    Note 1
    You want to add a DHT derivative steroid to the cycle because they work synergistic with nandro's and or progestrines like tren. They lower both estrogen and progesterone yet at the same time add extra aggression to the cycle. They clean up the cycle , lesson bloat and chances of deca/tren dick.. Going into pct your progesterone and estrogen levels will be a lot closer to normal thus making pct a lot more easy.. Combined with the Aromasin you should be fine

    Note 2. Tren lowers thyroid function and T-3 output. Something highly overlooked because
    people do lose body fat when on the product and its effects in this Area go largely un noticed till after the cycle when you start to quickly gain fat. Need2slin will help recover this as well as give you a better insulin response to food and give you the ability to add more carbs to your diet and not get fat from them. you can read about it by doing a google search or on the product page. The science is there my man. T3-pct is the second choice for on cycle tren use. This will simple prevent the shut down of T3 when using the tren. You could also just use the T3-pct during post cycle to bring back your thyroid functions to normal..

    Note 3.
    Hcgenerate prevents major shut down and keeps the brain signalling to your nuts to keep producing their on test. It also counteracts the bodies homeostasis mechanism like SHBG which is what the body uses to render androgens useless in the body. This is one of many reasons why you noticed the closer to the end of a cycle you get the more the gains taper off. This somewhat prevents this... Hcgenerate also raises sex drive through the rough and no one wants to lose this. It also adds gains to the cycle and if you take one look around you will know this product is the real mother fucking deal just do a search on this site or on google about it


    just a tip of what you will find on this site alone ^^^^^) ...

    Note 4.
    first off nolvadex is not a option after a cycle of tren as nolvadex up regulates the progesterone receptors compounding any problems with this during pct. I suspect clomid mite do the same but only have literature proving nolva does.

    Forma-stanzol is a Ai, A serm, And more. It lowers both estrogen and progesterone which is what you will need and it also blocks estrogen too. The 78-benzo in the product is able to brake the blood brain barer and cause the brain to release gNRH which singles the brain to release lh which causes the balls to create more test. Plus the chestnut seed extract has a cool effect in that what ever place it is applied to it pulls the water out of the skin and pushes it into the muscles giving you thiner skin and fuller muscles.

    The forged post cycle is both clinically and user tested proven to raise test and lower estrogen. In combo with the forma it makes the perfect pct to get them balls nice and big and test above normal not just back to normal. This goes a long ass way in helping you to keep the gains.

    Forged post cycle does a little bit of everything that all the other products do and I like to toss it in there for the extra insurance my friend...

    My advice would be to also have letro/femra and Prami on hand just in case. Every experenced user should have a bottle of both on hand at all times. Get some..

    Get everything you need from the following.


    American Cellular Labs | Advancing Performance by Demanding Perfection
    " Elitefit " is a 30% off discount code and also free shipping.
    you can snag up a bottle of the tren NDI and use this during pct if you liked or one of the others would also add more to your pct.. When it comes to pct man is better to have and not need then to need and not have lol..

    The rest you can get from .com
    Hey people ask for my advice for a reason. I am talked about on every site across the net for a reason. Because I will not settle for second best. I take care of people and I make sure they do things right... Thanks for contacting me bro.. Uniquemicals <--- this is where to get sarms You can and should use sarms s4 after pct 25mg twice a day from the day pct ends all the way till your next cycle. You can also add in
    GW-501516 5mg every day at the least. Read about it here is like magic
    - Need To Build Muscle Inc. Official Blog

    you ever have any questions during the cycle call me 978 378 4266 .. HOwever if you do not run the cycle exactly as I have laid it out and you call me with a problem I am going to call you on it
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