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Suicide cyclist.

  1. needtogetaas
    anyone on a big ass cycle?
  2. hesnobradpitt
    Test/EQ 900ml each
    Tren 500ml

    best cycle to date im wk 8 just added the winni , i think the tren and EQ work amazing together .
  3. xtrenx350
    hey im new to the online anabolic world. i have been cycling for the past couple years and ive been tired of dealing with the same old shit and i decided to get into the online community, could anyone offer any suggestions on how to start off?
  4. rehan835
    hey guys i want to prepare for a competition i used a cycle of decca and testa please help me for my next cycle for a godd bulking
  5. Local_Monster
    Hello. I have recently been introduce to the performance enhancement world. I have lost my contact but would like to continue on to my second cycle. Has anyone used napsgear.net before? Or, is there a website you recomend?
  6. stik95
    I'm new in here
    I just wanted some advice about my first cycle
    I've been reading about cycles and all this stuff..
    I know u should always start with some test and all your cycles must be with some test...
    Anw I asked my coach and he told me that I should run winstrol for 6 weeks or 8
    (I'm trying to lose weight I need to lose about 30 pounds of fat)
    No most of people ob the internet said it's a bad idea...
    But I'm a little concerned about putting some test with it
    I don't care aboyt the needles I will do injectable winstrol anyways so this is not the problem
    I just don't want to mess with my reproductive system and become infertik or something like that
    And would you recomend any pct with winstrol?
    And what other cycles would you recommend
    I'm just looking for an advice from bigger and experienced peopl so that I can understand what to start and what to do to prevent sides

    I'll be very thankfull for your advices
    Thank you very much
    And I hope u reply
    Because I'm confused as hell
    (Remmeber all I car is to lose fat right now to get lean
    Thank u very much)
  7. swole patrol
    Hey guys I'm also new here and I just wanted to know something , I'm starting a testoviron 2ml a week for 10 weeks soon and I was wondering if I should only take proviron after 6 weeks or after how many weeks would be appropriate ?
  8. cowboyjaxxx
    New here also.

    Trying to decipher the codes (Acronyms), dosages (cc?mL?ml? Grams, etc.) and individual and combined effects of my stacks compared to all you experts.

    Daunting to say the least:

    Age: 53
    BF: 13.5% (want 10)
    Weight: 200
    Chest: 48.5
    Waist: 35
    Thigh: 24
    Arms: 16.5

    Second cycle:
    11 weeks, going on 6th week
    3/4 cc x 2wk, Test -c
    1/2cc x 2wk, Deca
    1cc x 1wk, Tren-Eth

    Daily: orals, 1 each
    Dbol and Winstrol

    And 25ml, daily of anastrozole


    Age: 25 ;-)
    BF: 10
    Weight: 200+
    Chest: 49.5
    Waist: 34
    Thigh: 25
    Arms: 18

    Given what I'm taking, can I get there on this cycle?

    Thanks. I feel like I found a home.
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