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A New Beginning

  1. matntysdad
    Hello all, I'm new to the site, Alcoholic in recovery been sober for 57 days. Separated from my wife at the same time (her choice). I have used working out in the past to help with the stresses of life, (previous break-ups ect.) and am wanting to go hard this time through as I am getting older (35) and have lost some strength. I received a half cycle of sust 250 (just 4 amps) from a friend. I am having a problem finding more, any advice? I am in outpatient treatment for my alcoholism and have learned a ton so can offer my 2 cents to the group, and support. Thanks all I am really looking forward to my new beginning and am happy to have found this site.
  2. tanvirsbd
    Hello, I am new here. the group says the begining, yes I am beinning here. good for me. Thanks
  3. alfredo12
    Secrets of building bodybuilding women and men
  4. ricco561
    Hello everybody.
    Long time no talk.
    Please remember this group is about recovery.
    Thanks for being part of mine.
  5. muscle1516
    Hi im 5'11208lbs bf dont know I have no 6 pack abs so im starting anavar 20mg per day for da first time any better suggestions welcome
  6. Thatbouncer
    This is my first post. I'm a recovering addict with 8 months clean. I went into a recovery center in march and got back in the gym at 6'0 and 185 lbs. Now I'm at 225 with about 8 to 10% body fat. I started a 10 week cycle of testotren 500 mg (300 mg test h and 200 mg of tren). I'm running into a problem with hard knot coming up at injection site that is very sore but it doesn't show up for a couple of days and gets alot better after about 4. I'm very sterile and always use new needles and syrenges. Somebody please help!!!
  7. ricco561
    This thread/group is about recovery.
    Please honour and respect that.
  8. geneticsequel
    This is my first thread on a board in over 5 years. I figured "recovery" would be a perfect place for me to start. I suffered severe diffuse axonal traumatic brain injury, a partial spinal cord injury in two places, as well as a series of small to med strokes (secondary cause of the injury), as well as hundreds of physical, mental, and cognitive disorders throughout. a little over four years ago. Couldn't retain memory for over three years, until I slowly started to remember who I was. Was a weight lifter and fitness freak from the age of 14 until my injury at 27 yrs old. Was dedicated in every aspect; fascinated and well studied in all scientific angles from macro to molecular. Feel blessed and fortunate to be here today, and not dead or still stuck in LSD land where nothing was what it seems. Was called a genetic freak by my mind and body's ability to recover, everything from creating new neurons, maintaining an extraordinarily high; but reorganized IQ, to the 2 yrs it finally took before my body finally relented muscle from the paralysis. Neurologist and medical team attributed these phenomenon to all the dedicated years of bodybuiding, the profound medical/scientific incite (learned more of it on these boards, than in any combination of classes taken in my molecular biology BS pursuit), aggressive determination, and of course genetics. Still and always will be "recovering", was the most inhumane form of torture I could have ever imagined, life's still tough as hell, but attitude and effort are life changers/savers in a recovery of any kind. I've got a 2 yr physical rehab ahead of me to recondition and recoup CNS strength, which is what triggered my memory of Elite randomly and rejoined.

    It's time to bring my mind up to date with the new scientific research, new incite from board members, and knowledge about a ridiculous number of new (at least to me) peptides, chemicals, and compounds out there..should I decide to use some during this next recovery phase. No b.s. strangely still look fit and muscular (from front and side), with little to no working out in yrs + insane ns damage- made me realize the process of working out itself...the goals, the gains, the feeling after a good workout- that's what I really miss-looking jacked seems worthless without the process + work. Apologize for the lengthy narrative, feels good to be back, wanted to lend support to any bros out there dealing with addiction and disorders. Was diagnosed with Type 1 bipolar, non-schizophrenic-like psychosis (was really just a "3 yr manic-like episode caused from the over-stimulation, large-scale neuronal regrowth), anxiety, depression, and OCD, all from the organic personality change and return. No addiction, except recovering my old self, which = OCD = addiction, so never mind, I'm f'd up there too. Gotta lot of incite regarding that stuff, anyone feel free to PM me anytime. Peace, life, and health
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