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The Gladiator Life

  1. the.gladiator1987
    Yea bro, no one is even paying attention to this group anymore
  2. Arabian
    Alright Glad, I want some financial advice? lol whats up brother
  3. the.gladiator1987
    LOL. Actually bro I dont make a lot of money and I have hella bills, but I make my own budgets on Excel. I have my monthly bills, the days they are due, then a column for short term and long term bills, And a slot for if they are paid or not. And I always update it and I also keep a copy with me in my wallet at all times.

    I had to hold off starting the nutrition store because I just dont have the time or focus to start it right now with a kid and 2 jobs
  4. Bruvstar
    You need to take it serious, if they see action, you'll get serious posts.

    How about diet advice. Need to get some Bulk on at 5"11 175lbs, Tren/Test/Dbol. Eating 4,000+ a day. But want to put it on quicker.

    What shakes would you recommend? And what cheap, easy food? Hope you get back to me
  5. Robbie K
    Robbie K
    Twin Labs makes an amino-acid supplement named aminofuel that has increased my strength during usage by 30%. If you try that and keep a constant creatine use with some adequate calorie intake you should be able to grow. Be sure to include a healthy amount of cardio and stretching!
  6. xxxDonoxxx
    Hello I am Dono. This is my first cycle I have posted on a forum.

    Weight:190 lbs
    Height: 5' 10"
    Body Fat: Roughly 10%

    Cycle history:


    10 Week Test E 300mg Twice a Week
    12 Week Anavar 40mg throughout the day then to 60mg the up to 80mg
    Arimidex .5mg EOD
    PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20

    Lost almost all of my gains from this cycle because I got very sick and dropped to 160 pounds.


    12 Week Test E 300mg twice a week up to 400mg after 8 weeks
    Week 1-5 Dbol 20mg twice a day after 3 weeks 30mg twice a day
    Week 5-12 winstrol 25mg twice a day
    Arimidex .25mg ED
    PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20

    This cycle I started at 165lbs and blew up to 200 and pretty much stayed there I lost 10 pounds since then but still have majority of my muscle. First time using Dbol and Winny. LOVED BOTH especially Dbol.

    3. Clenbuterol cycle twice: started at 60 mg and went to 120mg ed within 2 weeks taking benadryl before bed. Take a two week break off clen then two weeks on.


    My Gear is coming in the mail in a couple of weeks. This cycle is my summer shredding cycle lol. I am going to be using Cut Mix (50mg Tren Ace, 50mg Test Prop, 50mg Masteron) but i do have test prop and tren ace on hand if i want to adjust.

    Week 1-4: Cut Mix 40mg ED
    Week 4-8: Cut Mix 50mg ED
    Week 2-8: (might throw in extra tren just playing it by ear)
    Week 2-8: Winstrol 50mg ED
    Week 2-8: Clenbuterol Week 1: 60/60/60/80/80/80/80 *in mg per day*
    Week 2: 100/100/120/120/120/120/120
    Taking Benadryl before for all 6 weeks take 2 week break and repeated it after the break.
    Weeks 2-8: T3 25/25/25/50/50/50/75 *in mg per day*
    Peaking then continue at 75 until week
    8 then 50/50/50/25/25/12.5/12.5
    Week 1-8: Arimidex .25mg ED
    Week 1-8: Miraplex Week 1-4: .5mg ED *this is supposed to help with the mental sides from tren and sleep*
    Week 5-8: .75mg ED
    Week 1-8: Letrozole 2.5mg ED for 8 days and bump up Arimidex **ONLY IF GYNO ACTS UP**


    HCG day after last pin start 1000IU's ED for 5 days then start Nolva and clomid day after. Then pinning 500IU's twice a week for 5 weeks

    Week 1: Clomid 150mg ED
    Nolva 40mg ED
    Week 2: Clomid 100mg ED
    Nolva 40mg ED
    Week 3: Clomid 100mg ED
    Nolva 20mg ED
    Week 4: Clomid 50mg ED
    Nolva 20mg ED

    Week 1-4: Arimidex .25-.125 ED if needed and letro on hand.


    3500-4000 calories a day 100 grams of carbs, 50% protein. healthy fats.
    Taking Liver support, multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin d, and joint support.

    Training 6 day on 1 day off splitting up my workouts. Focusing corely on chest and legs.

    I want to reach 210lbs 7% bf.

    what do you think?
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