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karma bookies

  1. SpyWizard
    vikings to the super bowl.. who will give 100:1 odds... ??

    I'll go 10:1 that they do go...
  2. goin on 4T
    goin on 4T
    hey guys are we going to get an all games of the week win 1m K thread up?
    Also can we get one for superbowl, one AFC and one NFC. Or do you just want me to put it up?
  3. hurricane
    Ill start doing that again .. Thanx for reminding me bro..
  4. iggy
    man i really wish i could book and help you guys out cane
  5. gstacker
    Cool I'm finally in a group after 5 years!!! So what do we do in here?
  6. -Ariel-
    Hey someone help me out and put up the Cotto Fight. I will hoist up a thread in chat to get bettors.
  7. SpyWizard
    hahah, dead ass shit up in here... 3 years 1/2 of ya are gone..
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