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  1. iggy
    it's a polanski film, so obviously it's going to be very good.

    I recommend you see, "Repulsion", or "The Tenant"
  2. trex74
    I saw Descent II the other day...it was what you would expect. I will never go spelunking though. My one criticsm is the special effects makeup on the creatures...they really look like the same kind of "creature' that Hollywood puts out over and over again. Kind of Star Trek-ish looking.
    Not scary.
  3. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    "River's Edge", have you seen that one? Keanu Reeves, Crispin Glover, Daniel Roebuck, Dennis Hopper, and others. It's a must-see film. Crispin Glover is just outrageous, and everybody knew someone just like him in high school. Premise -- Daniel Roebuck's character kills his girlfriend, then goes to school and tells everyone about it.
  4. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    Oh, and now that Dennis Hopper is dead, "River's Edge" would make a good tribute viewing.
  5. trex74
    on the lighter side, I'm gonna watch Hot Tub Time machine tonight-will report back tomorrow
  6. trex74
    it was a bad copy so didn't watch it- heh heh
  7. trex74
    saw Alice in Wonderland this wkend-it was very good.
    also saw the Amityville Horror remake-not so impressed but I got scared anyway and became convinced there was a demon lurking in my bathroom vent (late at night) lol
  8. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    Yo Igs, if you haven't seen it, check out "Twelve Angry Men". It's a film about a jury trial. Twelve great performances from twelve great actors.
  9. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    I mean the original from the early 1960s, I dunno if there's been a remake. Seems like everything good has been re-made at least once now.
  10. iggy
    yes dB. 12 Angry Men is a fantastic movie. Henry Fonda is phenominal. But they remade the movie in 2009 I believe as a spin-off called "12" if you wanted to check it out.
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