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  1. Thandie
    Good afternoon!
    Meal #1 The standard 1/3 cup of coach's oats oatmeal and 4 scrambled egg whites. (I love oatmeal, btw)
    #2 Protein shake
    #3 Baked chicken breast with vegetables and brown rice.
    #4 Roasted turkey and organic yams.
    #5 Fillet mignon with asparagus.

    Over a gallon of water and green tea.
  2. deezy1225
    thanks for the invite iggy!!
  3. musclemom
    Thanks for the invite, guys, what a pleasant surprise!
  4. access
    Good idea iggy! I'm in.
  5. desmond
    My typical diet ATM is:

    (1) during sleep small protein snack (<200cals) [I'm a terrible sleeper o I think I may as well exploit this]
    (2) (breakfast) eggs, sweet potato or butternut squash, some fiberous vege, some meat (salmon, chicken or lean beef)
    (3) (lunch) same as breakfast, except normally no eggs, and 100% almond butter becomes supplementary fat source usually
    (4) (dinner) just fiberous veggies, normally about 500-700g depending on hunger (mainly spinach) + some meat and supplementary fat source (normally one of almond butter, eggs, fish oil, or sometimes as a treat cheddar cheese)
    (5) PWO - whenever it is, whey, milk, banana, cocoa. Sometimes if we have no bananas I will replace it with a white or sweet potato along side for some carbs.

    Snacks: tomatoes. I love raw tomatoes. Sometimes if they are cheap I will eat 1kg in a day, but normally consume about 500g as snacks.
    Drinks: just water and ATM green tea. Only consume green tea pre-workout of if desparate at work for some lift. I also drink straight cocoa (yes disgusting) pre-workout as I find it gives me a bit of lift (it is a NO agent anyway so it can't hurt plus has super high ORAC score)

    Herbs: garlic, and mixed italian herbs. Trying to use no salt ATM, but the tinned salmon does contain some added salt. But John West is the only tinned salmon that tastes really good to me, and I figure the O3 benefits are worth consuming

    I take a multi but there really is no need - it is rare I go below 150% RDI on any nutrients with this diet. Butternut squash is the "master nutrient" dense starchy carb; spinach is the "master nutrient" dense item generally.

    Alcohol: zero since mid December which is a good stretch, but normally once per 6 weeks about.
  6. iggy
    afternoon guys.

    1.) 3 whole eggs, 3 whites /w tomatoes, 25g prot shake, 1 cup oats
    2.) preworkout, large glass skim milk, 25g prot shake, 1/2lb butternut squash
    3.)post workout 50g whey iso, glut, creat, cinnamon, banana, oats
    4.)2 large chick breasts, 2 slices ww toast, 2 cans spinach
    5.)2 large chick breasts, 1 cup brocolli
    6.)1 cup cottage cheese /w tabasco, 1 tbsp flac oil

    ^^^ made seasame chicken for today so it's chicken day. how's it look guys?
    and desmond, is it alright to add some choco milk in my PWO tomorrow?
  7. Black Boxster
    Thanks for the invite Iggy!!
  8. iggy
    np bro. what you eating lately boxster?
    [email protected]
    Thanks iggy! I am so into my diet right now, so good timing Iggy.

    Morning cardio
    Meal 1- 1cup eggwhites (5-6whites)
    1/4cup egg beaters
    3 mini whole grain pitas
    1/2oz almonds (non salted or roasted)

    Meal 2 6oz trimmed sirloin
    1cup raw oats mixed in water, hold my nose and gulp

    Meal 3 Post workout Protein shake
    1 small apple
    1/2 cup oats

    Meal 4 8oz chicken breast
    broccoli and cauliflower

    Meal 5 1 can tuna
    15g whole grain chips

    Meal 6 8oz orange roughy

    Typical macro breakdown 2000 cals, 263 protein, 176 Carbs, 40 Fat

    Currently "carb cycling" low/med/high=60/175/400 (2days low, 1day med, 1day high)
  10. *The_West*
    what is orange roughy? im not sure if we have it in blighty, or if its called a different name here.
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