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Anabolic Food

  1. desmond
    fortunatesun: yes I'd agree re diet being preferential to supplements to obtain balance. Milk isn't as bad as cheddar on this scale. I have read conflicting studies re: acid/base load of our ancestors, and i'd assume that some cultures (inuits) consume a predominantly acid diet and appear to not have had significant consequences.

    But I'm giving the experiment ago nonetheless.
  2. rambleon
    Hi all and thanks for the invite iggy

    I'll just read awhile. I eat right but i guess my methods are pretty standard. I do some carb cycling and such. I'm looking forward to getting inspired.

    Happy eating bros!
  3. SouthernLord
    Good morning all!!!
  4. Smurfy
    Wow. I forgot to eat dinner last night and by the time i realized it i was already in bed so I said fuck it. But i sure woke up with a nasty belly ache. Not even sure if i can stomach any breakfast.
  5. HAYEZ
    i dont count calories anymore...just make sure i get 45 pro 50-80 carbs 20-30 fat every meal at min usually between 4-5000 calories...i dont care for veggies if you didnt notice hahaha

    meal 1
    3 jumbo eggs
    swiss cheese
    3 slices bread
    peanut butter

    meal 2
    chicken breast
    brown rice

    meal 3
    sweet or red potato

    meal 4
    chciken or steak sub

    meal 5
    2 slices bread
    some other kind of carb

    pre workout

    post workout
    2 serving 100 on whey
    70 grams dextrose
  6. VinceJeepMan
    thanks for the invite....glad to be part of this group.
  7. mommalu
    Good Morning!!
    Went to the gym for an ambitious workout to find that no one was there at 5am to open How disappointing. SO~ I drove to the next closest one 10 miles away. It sure felt good.
    Today's menu looks like this:
    Meal 1
    Preworkout shake
    Meal 2
    6 egg whites w/asparagus spears,cheddar cheese & 1 oz venison meat
    2 rice cakes
    Meal 3
    Sweet potato
    Green beans
    Meal 4
    Cottage cheese w/ANPB
    Meal 5 ? This will be dinner
    Protein & veggies

    Have a wonderful day everyone.
    Thanks for the invite.
  9. *The_West*
    thanks for the invite iggs. i got to admit, now im not fighting competitively anymore, i dont follow an actual diet, eating the same things at the same times. being a paramedic, and working shifts, means i cant always eat when i want. i take cooked chicken breasts to work, rice, fruit and stuff, its rare that i dont get time to eat every couple of hours, but yesterday it was mental, i didnt eat for 5 hours!!!!! my stomach was actually going crazy, i could hear it growling at me over the noise of my big 2.8 litre diesel engine lol
  10. Thandie
    Good afternoon!
    Meal #1 The standard 1/3 cup of coach's oats oatmeal and 4 scrambled egg whites. (I love oatmeal, btw)
    #2 Protein shake
    #3 Baked chicken breast with vegetables and brown rice.
    #4 Roasted turkey and organic yams.
    #5 Fillet mignon with asparagus.

    Over a gallon of water and green tea.
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