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  1. iggy
    good and welcome mommalu!

    fortunatesun - des is at work and they have EF blocked as an illegal substance page. LOL
  2. OMEGA
  3. redsamurai
    will I get booted out of here if I suggest a good two to three day fast to boost your hormone levels? lol

    I'm serious, it works. The just water fasts are kind of intense, the juice fasts though are ridiculous. Energy through the roof, some of the best workouts I've had in years.
  4. iggy
    interesting redsamurai. i only think i would try that if i was taking time off lifting. can't afford to lose all of that energy.
  5. iggy
    des said something about a new garlic experiement before he logged off of facebook. i'm sure he will post it in here when he comes back.
  6. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    I just got home from a shitty night at work, and sent out for pizza. I'll be drowning my sorrows in pepperoni.

    Tomorrow I'm planning to get a Hamburger Steak Dinner at the Black Angus. Comes with a baked potato, dinner salad, and some garlic bread.
  7. iggy
    what kind of pizza? just a regular? if you ever get by northern ohio/michigan check out vito's pizza. never had a better pizza in my life. they have a tony packo hot dog pizza, bbq rib pizza, and you can flavor the crust anything for free.

    it is so good i eat half of a large pizza by the time i get back to my apartment.
    can't eat it though now because of diet purposes.
  8. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    Sadly, it's just Papa John's. This time of night the only pizza joints open are the national delivery chains, and of those, Papa John's is the least offensive. I'd much rather have a real Italian pie from a mom 'n pop joint, but those don't deliver and/or aren't open this late on a Sunday night.
  9. iggy
    yeah bro. i've been watching the godfather the past couple of nights before bed. on the second one now. they ate awesome italian food. plus im italian. i never get delivery anymore. nor do i get pizza ever from big chains like papa johns, pizza hut, dominos, or marcos.
  10. Mr. dB
    Mr. dB
    I only get delivery out of desperation. In this case, I didn't get home from work until 11:00 PM on Sunday night. I had missed dinner, and there weren't many options left for getting some warm food down my gullet.
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