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Anabolic Food

  1. chewyxrage
    Brown Berries Double Protein Bread - thanks for the tip. I'm going to have to buy some on my next trip to Wally.
  2. *ebony*
    bentoverrow, i wish i had your problem!
  3. hesnobradpitt
    Double protein bread ??
    Sounds good 2evil but i've never heard of wally world only in the movie lol.
  4. preemo
    thanks for the invite!
  5. bentoverrow
    wally world= walmart?? thats my guess
  6. bentoverrow
    ebony, if that you in your avater you are handling your diet quite well
  7. OneBreath
    thanks for the invite. Not sure i'll have anything good to add. I've eaten pizza and cheesesteaks the last 2 days lol.

    Good group iggy.
  8. iggy
    so glad i made this group!
    needto - please don't delete it bro. lol.

    lots of great people in here.
    just finished chest.

    PWO is oats, a banana, 2 scoops protein, some cinnamon, creatine, and glutamine. that look decent guys?
  9. DJ_UFO
    Hey bro good idea for a group! Thanks for the invite.
  10. iggy
    fuck yeah dj, your a good bro man.

    what you eating today?
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