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Anabolic Food

  1. SouthernLord
    I might just post my daily diet in here since I write everything down anyway
  2. iggy
    that is a badass diet SL!

    me and desmond were actually thinking of eating 2.2lbs of spinach a day this week as it is shown to have an anabolic effect on the body.
    we decided not to because of the expenses though.
  3. SouthernLord
    I would die eating that much spinach.

    Today is a low(er) calorie day. I am zig-zagging my calorie intake. Tomorrow I will hit between 3200-3300 total calories which is around my maintenance intake and a high calorie day for me. So far I have dropped 15 pounds in the last 5 weeks doing this.
  4. iggy
    nef, princesa, bbr, gix, 2evil, chris, screw, slay, hayez, thandie, bw1, what are y'all eating today?
  5. 2evil
    Good idea this is. My latest find is Brown Berries Double Protein Bread. Not a bad product and you can get it at Wally world. 14g in two slices...
  6. bentoverrow
    I think you guys would be ashamed of what I eat while bullking(currently) but it woks for me. 30Kcals per lb of bodyweight of what ever I can get in my face& 3 grams of protein per lb. Metabloism is just too darn fast to eat clean! Anybody else have that problem?
  7. sensational
    Thanks for the invite guys
  8. needtogetaas
    Now who the hell made this group with out asking me? lololol good idea
  9. needtogetaas
    If it gets bigger then AA I will be forced to delete it
  10. housemusik83
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