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  1. wills_got_rythm
    Desmond: yes when I get back from vacation Im gonna start a clean bulk diet loosely based on mwm5's diet that he posted a couple of months ago, the cals are right for me. Also Im gonna do the calorie cycling like Southernlord is doing for a few months. Im getting my diet together as we speak. So hopefully that will help me lose the fat as well. Im not real fat just the belly and a little back fat. Im getting older and this may have something to do with it. But only time will tell! thanks Des
  2. iggy
    just got back. headed to costco to pick up some salmon, red meat, veggies, chicken, ect.

    i guess doc said my sinus infection got a LOT worse. its been two months. ordered a catscan but now i'm on a 3 week waiting list to get one.

    muscle tension headache he said i have also. dude didnt seem that smart though. anyways im feeling sick again. any help guys on recovering a really bad ear infection/sinusitis/head cold? because if the cat scan is negative thats all i prob got. been taking double vitamin C lately.
  3. Thandie
    I just had the most delicious chilean sea bass with roasted baby asparagus. I'm very addicted to chilean sea bass and have been having it a lot lately. I'm cutting, so this fish works well for me.

    Don't let the fat accrue, wills_got!
  4. iggy
    guys. really wanted to buy some orange roughy fillets but i'm too afraid of the high mercury content in them.
    are they farm fed in costco or not?

    i was too worried about the mercury to try it. anyone know anything about OR and mercury?
  5. *ebony*
    i'm eating a huge shrimp salad. dessert is cantaloupe squares topped with sweetened cottage cheese.
    [email protected]
    I cut back on the OR since I checked out the Hg levels a few days ago. It's still the best tasting fish IMO. I actually have it thawing for tomorrows dinner. Not sure if they're farm fed Iggy.
  7. desmond
    I wonder what are the chances of mercury poisening. I mean since the age of 10 I was a tuna addict, and now am a salmon/tuna addict.

    I got tested for mercury about a year ago out of curiosity, and I was 80% lower that the maximum acceptable level.

    I have never tried orange roughy - but I think salmon is the best tasting fish, and its omega 3 and fat content is perfect IMO.
  8. iggy
    des, my one buddy who ended up getting it ended up getting MS. dude was jacked and healthy as shit.

    too much of anything can be harmful to the human body. just how it works.
    [email protected]
    I should have qualified best tasting as: Best tasting for the price (i buy ALOT of fish) If I were to go out i'd order a tuna steak (rare)
    [email protected]
    This is what I did today. Typical day is morning cardio and the 1 muscle workout, not 2)
    Morning Cardio (40 min at 65% max heart rate then 15 min HIIT bike)
    Meal 1:
    1 oz almonds
    1 cup egg whites
    1/2 cup egg beaters
    2 whole wheat pitas

    Meal 2:
    6 oz chicken
    1/2 cup oats

    Post work out (shoulders):
    Protein shake
    2 tbsp all nat. peanut butter

    Meal 3:
    6 oz chicken
    1/2 cup oats

    Meal 4:
    1 can tuna
    1/4 cup oats

    Meal 5:
    Large salad
    6 oz chicken

    Post work out (tri's then 10 min HIIT Bike):
    Protein shake

    About 2087cals / 297prot / 122 carbs/ 50.5 fat (30 grams from ANPB and Almonds)

    I run 5 days like this then refeed with a high carb day (500g carbs)
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