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  1. mus1cjunk1e
    sup guys? I'm in europe right now so I wont be online much for the next couple weeks, but I think a group like this is awesome. Always more to know about diet.
  2. desmond
    SL: thing is I tried the leucine dosing and it totally fucked me up. Recovery deteriorated and I got chronic pins and needles within a month and couldn't really exercise.

    Objectively, I have to believe the batch was contaminated or this was the result of some other product, but it fucked me up so bad that I'm never going to try it again.

    However, I know Layne Norton LOVES leucine, and there are a fair few studies on it being the key anabolic trigger. It's not really that expensive to dose leucine as Layne Norton prescribes either.

    Leucine itself is quite insulingenic, yet its frequently recommended during cutting. I personally think this (as well as many other things) suggest our understand of insulin and fat burning is less complete that we think.
  3. SouthernLord
    I remember you were having those problems a few months back. Was the tainted leucine the culprit?

    I might buy some leucine and experiment with during and between meal supplementation. What would you think the upper limit of supplementation to be?
  4. wills_got_rythm
    Hi guys thanks for the invite. It will be fun learning and sharing diet info with you guys, thanks again!!
  5. wills_got_rythm
    Hey Southern Lord hows the diet going? Are you noticing any differences in weight or how you feel on low cal days, ie tired non motivated?
  6. iggy
    princesca - looks tasty!!!!!

    musclejunk1e - when you get back were hopping on it brah!

    desmond - how is the spinach overload going bro?
  7. iggy
    currently eating spinach and red meat.
  8. desmond
    SL: I don't know if the culprit was creatine or leucine. It is a bit of a mystery - get results from neuro tomorrow but i'm expecting this to not really indicate anything. It's over now

    As for leucing dosing I'm not sure. I'd probably go with what Layne does adjusted for any differences in your respective LBM's.

    Iggy: the spinach overloading is causing green stools lol. It also means I'm for once not at all hungry on omega's diet
  9. iggy
    interested des. this is excellent. as iam always hungry on the diet also. i so want to try this.
  10. SouthernLord
    W_G_R -

    I feel about the same on both my high and low days. It was hard dealing with the hunger at first, but now it's a breeze.

    I've dropped 15 pounds in five weeks. My calipers are giving me a 3% bf loss. Not sure how accurate they are, but I am obviously leaner.
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