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Anabolic Food

  1. bentoverrow
    years back i used to put my steaks in a tupperware container with vinegar and this dried garlic, cracked black pepper and salt mix .
    I would leave it in the fridge for 4-5 days and then grill it. You could literally cut it with a plastic fork , it was that tender. It's alittle tangy with the vinegar though.
  2. bentoverrow
    Iggy I been having odd dreams lately from this GH peptide,and it has me sleeping like I have NEVER slept before. Guess that would explain the odd dreams. But I feel friggin great when I wake up.
    My wife tells me I laugh in my sleep alot. Now thats funny.
    [email protected]
    All my dreams are violent or sexual. Lot of times i'm getting chased by a guy with a gun. It's great to wake up!
  4. stephen4327
    sup homeskillet
  5. bentoverrow
    Im waiting for Iggy to say he was chased by a giant gun
  6. princesa
    What's cooking good lookings?

    1/2 apple w/ANPB (1teaspoon)

    I had a shitty workout today-for some reason I couldn't concentrate.

    Post-workout shake

    30min later..2egg whites/1whole poached over spinach and jalapeno peppers.
    -1cup oatmeal with blueberries

    Lunch-Grilled chicken over spinach, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. (a drizzle of olive oil and cottage cheese)
    1 Yam

    that's it for now

    As soon as this settles I'm gonna jump on the spin bike, hopefully 45min-1hr
    [email protected]
    I can't stop looking at Preemo's avatar
  8. SouthernLord
    Todays Menu

    Breakfast 43g PRO, 60g CHO, 16g FAT

    2 Omega Three eggs, 1 cup egg whites scrambled
    2 packs of Quaker Weight Smart Oats

    Brunch 40g PRO, 48g CHO, 2g FAT

    40g Whey iso/Micellar Casein
    40g oat Starch
    5g SF Metamucil

    Lunch 48g PRO, 51g CHO, 6g FAT

    6oz Chicken Cutlets
    7oz Sweet Tater
    14oz Green Beans

    Post-Lunch 48g PRO, 51g CHO, 6g FAT

    Same as lunch

    Dinner 43g PRO, 40g CHO, 3g FAT

    1 can White Tuna
    4oz Brown Rice
    3oz Peas

    Pre-Bed 44g PRO, 11g CHO, 25g FAT

    40g Whey Iso/Micellar Casein
    5g SF Metamucel
    1 tbsp ANPB
    15g Fish Oil

    Macro breakdown: 266g PRO, 261g CHO, 58g FAT
    Total Kcal: 2630

    Today was a low calorie day for me. I did 15 minutes of HIIT and 20 minutes of steady state cardio.
  9. desmond
    To get a discussion going (note, I'm not advocating any potential view, just though it would be interested to note research often challenges orthodoxy):

    consider the issue of meal timing:
    (1) http://www.slideshare.net/biolayne/o...nd-muscle-mass

    Provides evidence that consuming protein too often (eg every 3 hours) may make you protein refractory

    (2) links to studies showing regular eating does not increase metabolism: (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodybuilding under meals and http://www.alanaragon.com/an-objecti...t-fasting.html)

    (3) when I get home later I will bring up some studies basically debunking the myth that eating every 3 hours is necessary to avoid catabolism, although there are some links in this to Alan's article above, but I'm particularly interested in a study on pizza which even showed the carbs were still being digested 5 hours later.
  10. SouthernLord

    I just went through the first study. Very cool read.

    Basically 3-5g of Leucine with a meal will maximize protein synthesis. Also you could dose 3-5g of Leucine between meals when the time between meals is greater than 4 hours and maintain protein synthesis.

    This goes a long with what a supplement company is claiming. They do sale a high quality Leucine supplement. This study has no affiliation with said company.
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