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  1. iggy
    more of like a giant house cat. it was a fucked up feeling i had during the dream. extremely lucid.
    it felt like eternity and i couldn't escape the dream. i was scared shitless. woke up afraid.

    the other day i had a dream that i had a dream that i banged this hot chick, then found out i was drunk and she was fat. i woke up in another dream, then woke up in real life. been getting the craziest dreams lately.
  2. iggy
    holyshit - i'm no diet expert but maybe only eat red meat every few days. Lots of fish and chicken other days. Lean protein. try to cut off carbs earlier in the day. my buddy thats got 20' biceps and does that cuts that way. and he is humongous.
    [email protected]
    I eat my second to last meal at 630ish. This has 40g carbs. Last meal is 40-50g protein at about 8. We'll see how it goes and make whatever changes necessary.
  4. Cutiebaby
    iggy, thanks for the invite..Are you trying to tell me something? Lol
  5. iggy
    angel, i just had to double check and make sure i invited most of the good people interested in diet from EF i knew. i'm probably still forgetting loads of them. with needto cooking for you, you gotta be in this group. tell us his special secret recipes
    [email protected]
    What do you guys think about whole grain rice cakes, whole grain flavored chips and other whole grain "snacks". A typical snack has 4g sugar per 15g carbs.I find myself justifying eating these by telling myself "they're whole grain". I'm wondering if the sugar, however small amount, may be hindering my bf reduction?
    [email protected]
    Angel needto?
  8. iggy
    angel is needto's wife.
    yeah dude ditch the rice cakes if your trying to drop bf%.
    try something leaner. whole wheat toast hits the spot for me.
    [email protected]
    Learn somethng new everyday!
    [email protected]
    Who wins the fight over who gets to be on computer....my vote goes to Angel!
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