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Anabolic Food

  1. iggy
    wow. orange roughy is rated REALLY bad in that. jay cutler eats a ton of that. good lookup bro.
  2. DasWolf
    Thanks for the invite guys. Lets eat!!!
  3. lartinos
    look into the palumbo diet
  4. bentoverrow
    who likes pan fried steaks and who likes grilled steaks? I am partial to pan fried.. I big ribeye with salt and thats it.. excellent. What do you guys put on steak?
  5. bentoverrow
    I went to a crab house yesterday had some king/dugeness/blue crab, also had clams, cod and hushpuppies. Delicious. Kinbg crab is my favorite.
  6. bentoverrow
    In an unrelated topic
    I had a dream that Markus Ruhl weas on the David letterman show and dave asked him to do some pushups, Markus hopped up from his seat and stared going after it. After 3 or 4 his form got really bad he turned white as a ghost and he threw up all over the place. what a strange dream, I feel bad for Markus!!!
  7. iggy
    lol. that is a funny dream bro. 2 days ago i had a dream a giant cat was trying to eat me....
  8. bentoverrow
    dude I jus spit spaghetti on my monitor! that was funny...giant cat. Was it like a tiger or a giant house cat?
    [email protected]
    I put a little "montreal steak seasoning" on my sirloins. Try it, you'll love it. It's the only thing i eat that has "added" sodium.
    [email protected]
    Question! I'm 5'10 205 12-13%bf. I seem to stall out around this %bf. I started carb cycling last week. To make it short, I'll be eating 300g protein. Carbs: 380/230/60 (high med low) days will be high-low-low-med-med-low-med....high...... My "clean" foods are on point and listed a couple pages back. Does this sound right? I'd like to hear from someone that is currently or has been known to reach 8%bf. Thanks in advance!!

    I eat 6oz-8oz of sirloin/day. Should this be cut out?
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