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Anabolic Food

  1. iggy
    all starburst is fucking awesome. i love that shit. beer is good too, but ive been drinking one every 2 weeks just to cancel out the craving.

    i stay as far as i can away from everything starburst.

    yo [email protected], how much mercury is in OR?
  2. iggy
    goin on 4t - oreos? c'mon bro, your better than that!
  3. walliwalibus
    Thanks for the invite. I'll be back march 31..... Going for a TIME OUT of my own. I am leaving Thursday.
  4. iggy
    have fun wally. talk to you when you get back.
  5. sshadoww
    My vices: Nachos at the movie theater, and pizza whenever it's near me

    Other than these once every 10 days or so, my diet is pretty clean.
  6. string_bean00
    Appreciate the invite bros.
  7. desmond
    SL: I'm doubting consuming the fish oil at once really matters. I mean if you ate fatty fish just once per day, the omega 3 would be in just one meal. However, if you want to distribute the omega 3, just do so at times not around ur workouts (there is some conjecture that omega 3 taken around workouts may blunt the inflammatory response weights provides; cf the view that the increased blood flow from omega 3 would offset this)
    [email protected]
    iggy, Between the fish and tuna in my diet, I can accurately tell when the temperature goes up by a degree. Actually i just looked it up and FUCK!!!!!!!! it's on the ECO's "worst list". Guess i'll be dropping this. Thanks for the question iggy, i never would've checked.

    Link lists all types of fish

  9. *The_West*
    what kind of fish is orange roughy? because im sure its not called that here. i would be interested in trying it. i dont eat enough fish, maybe i'll have a can or two of tuna every other day when i cant be bothered to cook chicken breasts for at work.
  10. Strongbow
    Thanks for the invite. Now maybe I can learn how to eat from you guys.
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