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Anabolic Food

  1. SouthernLord
    Today's diet 3/2/09

    Breakfast 43g PRO, 81g CHO, 16g FAT

    2 eggs, 1c egg whites scrambled
    2 packs of Quaker Weight Smart oats
    1/2 grapefruit

    Brunch 40g PRO, 48g CHO, 2g FAT

    40g Metabolic Drive shake (whey/micellar casein)
    40g oat Starch
    5g Sugar free Metamucil

    Lunch 48g PRO, 45g CHO, 6g FAT

    6oz Chicken Cutlets
    6oz Sweet Tater
    14oz Green Beans

    Pre-Training 48g PRO, 45g CHO, 6g FAT

    Same as Lunch

    Pre/During/PWO 32g PRO, 90g CHO, 0 FAT
    Carb-Protein-BCAA drink

    Dinner 59g PRO, 65g CHO, 8g FAT

    6.5oz Chicken Cutlets
    6.5oz Brown Rice
    3oz Green Peas
    1 Jello Sugar free pudding snack

    Pre-Bed 44g PRO, 11g CHO, 32g FAT

    40g Metabolic Drive
    5g Metamucil
    15g Fish oil
    1 tblp ANPB

    Total macro breakdown: 314g PRO, 385g CHO, 70g FAT
    Total Kcals: 3426

    Today was a high calorie day for me. I actually hit about 200 cals over maintenance, but I pulled DLs and did 20 minutes of HIIT.
  2. SouthernLord
    One thing I feel needs to be changed in my current diet is the spreading out of my fish oil intake. I think it would be better to take them spread out instead of all at once. Do you guys think this really matters?
  3. EZ_E
    OK guys try this one:

    2 pounds Ground Turkey
    2 eggs
    crushed up no salt saltines
    Worcestershire sauce

    Mix all the ingredients together and make into burgers
    + Foreman grill

    (No buns of course)
  4. iggy
    yeah ive heard jay cutler eats a shitload of orange roughy. going to see if i can find some at costco when i shop tomorrow. bought to pound some asian zing chicken and veggies.
  5. goin on 4T
    goin on 4T
    You people are making me feel like a douche for eating cereal. Meals:
    1. 7:20AM Protien/meal Supp
    2. 9:00AM grape nuts, milk
    3. 11:00 protien bar, water
    4. 1pm tri-tip 6oz, potato salad, water
    5. 3:30 Granola/LF yogurt, water
    6. 6:30 PWO Karbolyn and Aftershock
    7. 7:30 Talipia, wild rice, string beans, salad
    8. 9PM 6-8 Oreos and 2/8oz glasses of milk 2% organic
  6. SouthernLord

    I used to eat quite a bit of turkey. My favorite was turkey meatballs, whole wheat pasta, and homemade sauce. This was my go to post workout meal.

    I would make my turkey burgers similar but with green peppers, onions, garlic and oats instead of crackers. Good shit.
  7. empirebuilder
    Thanks for the Invite Iggy!!!
  8. fortunatesun
    Des- Yes, talking about primitive cultures can be tricky. Usually genetics will play a large part in what happens. In my own opinion, I don't believe the Inuit ever had it too good in their own diet for a variety of reasons, however which way the acid/base relationship plays.
    [email protected]
    Orange roughy is a great tasting fish! 6 bucks for 2lbs at a discount grocery store (aldi's) Sprinkle with lemon pepper, Preheat oven to 420 (smoke em if you got em) and cook for 11 minutes! I also spray mine with 0 calorie spray butter
  10. sensational
    I have a confession.

    I love beer and starburst jelly beans. I can resist beer, but the jelly beans...or ice cream for that matter...

    If its in my house, it gets eaten by me. I think if I were to eat the fat on my lower abdomen, it would taste like starburst ice cream
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