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Anabolic Food

  1. iggy
    Welcome to the newest EliteFitness group, Anabolic Food.
    I figured since AAS is the main topic on most groups we EFers needed something dedicated to food.
    Diet is a HUGE part of your physique and bodybuilding in general.
    Let's use this group to help one another critique our diets and find new recipes and foods.
    I plan on making this group one of the most active on EF. So let's invite the MOST hardcore people to join up.

    There will be daily debates and discussions about anabolic foods, new ones everyday.
  2. princesa
    Thanx for the invite.
    Let's get this rolling....
  3. HAYEZ
  4. iggy
    sup all! what's for breakfast/lunch?

    3 eggs, 5 whites, 2 slices WW toast, 1/2 cup oats and a 24g shake here!
  5. SouthernLord
    What's up all?!

    I love food, so I already feel at home here
  6. Smurfy
    Is Smart Start cereal considered Anabolic food? that's what I had for breakfast lol. its got 5g of protein per serving!
  7. Thandie
    Thanks for the invite! This is my kind of place..
  8. gixxerman
    thanx for the invite!!
  9. bw1
    IN! Nice group
  10. SouthernLord
    Breakfast 43g PRO, 81g CHO, 16g FAT
    2 eggs, 1 cup egg whites scrambled
    2 packs of Quaker Weight Smart maple and brown Sugar oats
    1/2 Grapefruit

    Brunch 45g PRO, 63 CHO, 16 FAT
    2 eggs, 1 cup egg whites scrambled
    2 pieces of Ezekiel Raisin bread
    1/2 Grapefruit

    Lunch 56g PRO, 40g CHO, 6g FAT
    6oz Chicken Cutlets
    4oz Brown Rice
    3oz Green Peas

    Pre-Dinner 37g PRO, 40g CHO, 3g FAT
    1 Can of White tuna
    4oz Brown Rice
    3oz Green Peas

    Dinner 48g PRO, 10g CHO, 11g FAT
    6oz Chicken Cutlets
    2c Asparagus
    5g Fish oil

    Pre-Bed 44g PRO, 11g CHO, 17g FAT
    2 scoops of metabolic Drive Protein (Whey/Micellar Casein)
    5g Sugar Free Metamucil
    1tbsp ANPB
    5g Fish oil

    Macro Breakdown 273g PRO, 251g CHO, 69g FAT

    Total Kcal 2717
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