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Anabolic Food

  1. ExtraMile
    Thanks for the invite, Im just trying to clean my diet up now
  2. goin on 4T
    goin on 4T
    I just made some real hashbrowns. Used a couple of potatoes from the pantry ran them through the cheese grader then fried them up with 1 tsp. Canola oil., a touch of salt and pepper. How bad can they be for you? They sure as heck were good peeled a big Texas Rio Grapefriut with strawberries, and some scrambled eggs! Oh and a glass of OJ.
  3. LucSulla
    I will be interested to read other's comments. I know a respectable amount about eating right, I just suck at using my own knowledge base, haha! Thanks for the invite, Iggy.
  4. iggy
    sounds awesome 4t. trying to plan out my lunch now.

    lucsulla - yeah bro glad to have you aboard. interested in your diet too!

    NEEDTO, what you cooking bro?
  5. digimon7068
    afternoon, people. . .thanks for the invite. . .how's everyone on this fine sunday??
  6. SaiBoT
    IN!!! Thanks for the invite. I'm hungry!
  7. 75th
    Im all about food.
  8. dabuffguy
    Sup slutz?
  9. iggy
    what you eating my buff pedophile friend?
  10. ExtraMile
    I shudder at the thought of dabuffguy.
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