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  1. ExtraMile
    iggy whats crisco?
  2. TQ_
    Yesterday sucked, I have to start carrying around a protein bar or something. I put in a 10 hour day at my part time job and was only able to get away once to eat a 8 oz chicken sandwich. After that I came home, drank a protein shake and ate a delicious!!! 6oz salmon with brocolli. The wife and I went out for a friends birthday and of course I had an amazing meal 6oz steak, 5oz chicken, baked potato, and steamed veggies. Of course we went out to the bars after dinner. I am a heavy drinker (only on saturdays) but since this is my first time "on" and I'm in day 4th I'm not drinking for the entire cycle. I went from 9pm til 3am without eating and I was dying! So later on today I am definitely going to pick me up some protein bars for situations like these.
  3. TQ_
    Any suggestions on some protein bars?
  4. iggy
    sup tq! detour bars with low sugar are good.
    aside from that supreme protein bars are my absolute favorite.

    tq_, good choice bro. NEVER drink during a cycle.

    EM - Crisco = basically liquid fat.
  5. iggy
    i was being sarcastic with you EM. lol
  6. ExtraMile
    lol im fat enough as it is iggy
  7. iggy
    yeah, it was an evil trick of mine to make you gain 5lbs in a couple of days.
  8. TQ_
    Last couple of days have been great. I thought this forum was dead so I quit flooding it. Diet has been almost spot on! I went to the grocery the other day and found these "sweet potato patties" for 2.99 (for 8). They taste great, but I can't really tell if they have lost any nutritional value. They are really easy to cook, just heat in the microwave for 2 minutes. Easy to eat at work before workout and after workouts.

    Has anyone else seen this or can chime in?

    Recently I have been also trying to get more red meat in my diet. I cooked a nice pot roast the other day in my crockpot which was amazing! I'm in day day 7 of the cycle and feeling great. It's cyp so I don't think it's even reaching its half life yet, so it could just be me eating good and getting pumped!
  9. ExtraMile
    iggy i gain 5 or 6 lbs thruoghout the day already lol I break the 200lb mark after a couple of meals
  10. VinceJeepMan
    OK folks....it's grilling time. Let's post up some grillin' recipes. I'll start.

    Last night I grilled up some wild caught salmon. I made a spicy orange marmalade sauce. Simple enough, I took some orange marmalade preserve, rice vinegar, and hot pepper flakes. Mixed and heated up on a pan, and yum-o.
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