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Anabolic Food

  1. iggy
    just like a regular shot glass full of it. half of that of flax oil.
  2. juicemonster
    i just wanted to say whats up to everyone and thanks for letting me in.
  3. juicemonster
    i have some good protien shake mixes ill get them up asap
  4. iggy
    nice jm, good shit.

    ive been eating monster milk like its my job brah.
  5. sweed
    sup iggy! im cuttin atm too!
    welcome JM!
    what's everyone workin out today? me back day!
  6. needtogetaas
  7. needtogetaas
    i have some good protien shake mixes ill get them up asap

    I would like to see them bro. I am always looking for more to add to the collection
  8. iggy
    beastdrol is good shit. in the next few years i'll try it needto.
  9. iggy
    needto. im working on getting this patented and selling it now. two scoops of monster milk, a shot of olive oil, flax oil. 2 tbsps of anpb, some oats, greens+, cinnamon, cocoa, and a bit of honey in it. do you think this is too powerful as a pwo while cutting?
  10. VinceJeepMan
    Iggy, I made a mixture of that drink you describe below. Not that bad, good stuff.
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