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Anabolic Food

  1. desmond
    SL: you could try this combo with or without the carbs. The BCAA's insulingenic nature will compensate for the absence of carbs. Whey itsef is fairly insulingenic.

    My only suggestion is your Citruline Malate is very low
  2. SouthernLord
    Des: the Citruline is one of the ingredients in the pre-packaged BCAA i am using.... http://www.scivation.com/xtend.htm

    I'm also following some of the advice from one of the ebooks on that site. I am going to carb up every 18th meal (last meal every third day) and the carb up is a mixture of fibrous carbs, low gi complex carbs, and healthy fats. no added protein. I am trying for the first time tonight. The carb up macro breakdown is 120g Cho, 30g Fat, 270 kcal.
  3. SouthernLord
    Today was also the first day I used the BCAA pre/during training with only why PWO.
  4. iggy
    i did bcaa's preworkout today too SL.
    eating tons of shrimp with spinach tonight. don't have shrimp much so it's a change.
  5. the_alcatraz
    03-Apr-2009 07:31 PMSouthernLord

    What's your thoughts about mega dosing BCAA pre/intra/post workout and not allowing for post workout carbs when cutting. I know you've studied the topic.

    By mega dosing I mean.......

    6 scoops of Xtend (best bcaa product around imo)

    10g Leucine
    5g isoleucine
    5g Valine
    7g Glutamine
    3g Citruline Malate

    This is consumed pre/intra workout. PWO will be whey isolate.

    isn't this a little too much bro?
  6. SouthernLord
    Alc: Not really bro.

    I'm cutting. This keeps me anabolic during my 45 minutes of weights plus 30 minutes of cardio. The Xtend is zero calories bro. You would be surprised at the results I am getting by consuming this during my workouts. Crazy pumps and energy plus I am continuing to get stronger. My recovery has been great too.

    This supp is ideal for someone who is training on low carbs and a calorie deficit. I would actually recommend this supp and this protocol to everyone who is interested at increasing lbm and dropping fat. My weight has stayed the same for the past three weeks, but i am getting visibly leaner. Remember I'm natural too.
  7. sober1
    Good info here, enjoy it.
    And, I saw some people here I wanted to say "hello" to. Whatsup Traz, been awhile, Southern Lord, and others.
    +1 rawr (complementary poser pic to follow)
  8. ortiz34
    yum yum

    eat up boys

    needtos protein bars
  9. fortunatesun
    needto's bars are tasty but I'm better off without 'em until these last few lbs. disappear.
    Then I'm going to re-order.
  10. iggy
    going on a strictly liquid diet for two days.
    only protein shakes.
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